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2012 Light Body Program

Program Overview

The Light Body Program is all about understanding the phenomenon of mind over matter, which simply put, is the creation of matter from psycho-biological energy. We have all seen TV programs on spoon bending by a group of people with the guidance of a teacher. It is energy dynamics wherein one person helps the other person to catch up with the psychic energy. The phenomenon has been demonstrated even in the remote context of viewers watching the program on TV.

The light body can happen in the same way. We need to gather a critical mass of free flowing consciousness that believes in the interchangeable nature of mind and matter. Between mind and matter, the mind is the subtle form and matter is the gross form. The subtle, by natural law, is more powerful than the gross, just like a particle is more powerful than an atom.

Einstein opened up this knowledge in Physics. Einstein got this supreme knowledge not through "rational process" as he admitted. It is time that we apply the equation E = mc2 in the context of our physical body and turn it back into life.

The greatest gift that God/Nature has given us is the mind. The mind can be divided into two large categories: the Divine mind and the human mind. The Divine mind is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent whereas the human mind is very limited in terms of what it can know or do. It can never conceive of omnipresence either.

The human mind is limited because it is caught up in the decaying flow that drives us crazy with thirst, hunger and gratification of the senses through deceptively pleasant feelings of joy. The Divine mind is the only answer to human suffering. The progress towards the Divine mind involves the human mind acquiring more knowledge that will turn matter into light. Right now we know theoretically it is possible, but we do not know the know-how.

The know-how of the light body rests with the spiritual masters of different ancient civilizations who used their knowledge and ascended from the earth to more free and vibrant galaxies. Not only have they ascended but descended also into the earth to form subterranean civilizations like the Telosians who live underneath Mount Shasta under the leadership of Adama. I have been taking students to Mount Shasta to be in the energy of the Telosians who are eager to help the earth plane itself to evolve and the human beings to acquire a body of light.

The program is designed for one year and will run from February 20, 2012 (Sivaratri, the Night of Siva) to February 20, 2013. My birthday pilgrimage (January 26-31) is an undertaking with the single goal to enlist the support of the gods, angels, siddhas, and yogis who are keen to offer the light body wisdom to human beings. Over the past 2 years I have been improving upon my own knowledge of the light body gathered through my previous incarnations as Manikkavasakar, Swami Ramalingam and a host of others. In each incarnation I focused on a certain methodology and succeeded. The drawback with all these incarnations was that I could not give the light body to another individual although I very much wanted to do so. This is the case with other Siddhas as well. The only recorded case of mass ascension is attributed to Jnana Sambandar (Tiruneelakantam Meditation author) in the 6th Century who walked along with his followers into the fire and ascended.

I am particularly delighted to teach this program in 2012 because the time is conducive now more than ever before. The two astronomical cycles happening in 2012 (the 26,000 year cycle around the Pleiades and the 225 million year cycle around the Milky Way) are going to change our DNA dramatically through the abundant availability of the photon rays of light. There is a flurry of scientific articles about the DNA change that keep coming almost every month. These support the feasibility of humans acquiring the light body. I am currently in personal retreat meditating and preparing the syllabus and course materials for the light body program.


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