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Pillai Center is committed to enhancing the quality of human life through the integration of modern science and ancient wisdom traditions. Dr. Pillai calls this integration Mind-Science, which is neither science nor religion, but both, giving us human intelligence, and unlimited God's intelligence.

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South India Trip

3 Weeks in South India with Dr. Pillai

You're invited to India, the Land of the Siddhas for initiation into the Science of Enlightenment. Join Dr. Pillai's Birthday Trip from Jan 30th – Feb 18th, 2015...

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Celebrate Dr. Pillai's Birthday from the Comfort of Your Home

Join Dr. Pillai for a Live 3 Hour Meditation experience and Receive bonus gifts and remedies with his blessings.

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Interactive Fire Labs

The Most Evolved Spiritual Technique Found in Ancient Traditions All Over the World. Your intentions and prayers will be magnified by the participation and prayer of fellow group fire lab members...

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Dr. Pillai: Human beings with all of their scientific & technological inventions, have only been able to use only 5% of our mental potential. The Yogis from times immemorial, on the other hand, have been able to use...

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February Energy Outlook

Sunday, February 1st
Noon EST | 10:30 pm IST

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Evolved Living Weekly

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200% Life Teachings
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Dr. Pillai is one of the most prolific spiritual teachers, having released so many teachings and techniques that some seekers can't decide where to begin. If you find yourself among them, have a look at some of our free resources.

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About Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai is a Spiritual Scientist, Academic Scholar, Philanthropist, International Speaker, and World Thought Leader who is dedicated to bringing science together with Religion.

Dr. Pillai says the inspiration for the merger of science and religion came to him from Einstein, who envisioned this merger in order to scientisize religion, and religionize science, so that religion will not be blind and science will not be lame.