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birthday  Trip

Dr. Pillai's 2016 Bday Trip

Being in Dr. Pillai's presence during his birthday is the most powerful time for him to transmit his Darshan, or empowerment to you. It's a unique transmission of his power that he channels to you from the various powerspots you visit.

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Ultimate Wealth Solutions

Ultimate Wealth Solutions

The Ultimate Wealth Solutions Program reveals Dr. Pillai's secrets to creating both inner and outer wealth. This all-encompassing formula provides everything you need to create wealth faster than you can imagine.

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Interactive Fire Labs

The Most Evolved Spiritual Technique Found in Ancient Traditions All Over the World. Your intentions and prayers will be magnified by the participation and prayer of fellow group fire lab members...

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Travel India: Spiritual Motherland of Enlightened Masters. JaiRadha interviews Mohini, a teacher who has been studying with Dr. Pillai for over 22 years, about her trips to India & insights she has gained on these tours with Dr. Pillai.

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Evolved living

PI Homestudy Hangout
Experienced PI Educators; Stories of Transformation From the Field

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Evolved Living weekly

Weekly Wisdom

During the 6 Days of Muruga, you can activate the spiritual warrior inside you with new teachings from Dr. Pillai, channeled directly from the Pleiadians.

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Dr. Pillai's Live
Empowerment Call

You have a great opportunity to receive a Live Empowerment via call during the last day of Muruga. Dr. Pillai will transmit his energetic darshan live along with Muruga’s blessings.

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About Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai is a Spiritual Scientist, Academic Scholar, Philanthropist, International Speaker, and World Thought Leader who is dedicated to bringing science together with Religion.

Dr. Pillai says the inspiration for the merger of science and religion came to him from Einstein, who envisioned this merger in order to scientisize religion, and religionize science, so that religion will not be blind and science will not be lame.