Directions for Tarpanam (Ancestral Offering) for Soul Genetics

Dr. Pillai has emphasized the practice of this very simple, yet powerful ritual to perform daily, especially during the NEW MOON time.

He calls this Soul Genetics. You can learn more about this by watching this short video clip.

Dr. Pillai has encouraged people many times to do this ritual. He has said repeatedly that if people do nothing else, at least do the tarpanam during the New Moon.

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Here are two versions of this ritual.


"Look inside to see which version resonates with you. Dr. Pillai has suggested to at least practicing the longer version of the Tarpanam ritual during the New Moon phase each month."

Perform either version 1 or 2 anytime between sunrise to sunset once everyday, especially on New Moon days. (It is suggested to not perform tarpanam during non-daylight time.)

Do it as often as possible on New Moon days.

The purpose of doing this is to release ancestors to a higher plane. When they go into the light they send you their blessing.


Version 1 (short version)

Materials needed:

1. raw rice or white rice flour

2. black sesame seeds (most health food stores carry this)

3. Darba grass

4. 1 coin (dime or nickle), or gold coin if you available (You may re-use the coins)

5. glass of water

Please note, if all of the above materials are not available, the bare minimum are the black sesame seeds and water. (If you cannot get black sesame seeds in your area, Dr. Pillai has said beige sesame seeds are ok; however, black sesame seeds are preferred.)



1. Place a tablespoon of black sesame seeds, white rice flower, a coin (nickel or dime) and a few small pieces of dharba grass into the palm of your right hand.

2. Take a glass of water and sprinkle a few drops over the offerings.

3. Make a heartfelt prayer to your ancestors as you pour water over your hand and say, "I invite you to take this offering, 6 generations of ancestors on my mother's side and 6 generations of ancestors on my father's side. Take this energy. Be healed, be at peace, cross into the light, and please don't forget to bless me." If you wish, you may name those family members that have passed on. Also, as you keep doing this ritual, in time you may increase up to 12 generations in each side.

4. Then pour the rest of the water over right hand and let the offerings wash off completely. (You may reuse the coin. Just rinse it off in water each time)

(Note: Some people keep a container in the bathroom with this mixture and do tarpanam daily during morning shower and rinse off the mix while in the shower. Dr. Pillai has said this is ok.)

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Version 2 (Longer version)


Materials needed:

1. sandalwood powder (you can buy at any Indian market)

2. raw rice or white rice flour

3. black sesame seeds (most health food stores carry this)

4. Darba grass

5. flowers or petals

6. glass of water

7. 18 nickels (or if using another currency, the lowest value silver coins available are fine)

Prepare the offering:

1. Cut the Dharba grass into 6 equal pieces, around 4 inches long. (This represents 6 generations on both sides of your family).

2. Line up vertically the 6 pieces of Dharba grass on a plate, or large leaf, leaving a little space between each.

3. Make a paste with sandalwood powder by adding water to it, spread the paste onto the dharba grass.

4. Place 3 nickels on each piece of grass at the top, middle and bottom.

5. Sprinkle flowers over these items.

6. Place a tablespoon of white rice flour mixed with a teaspoon of sesame seeds in the palm of your right hand (don't worry about the amount).


1. Sprinkle a few drops of water on the rice flour and sesame seeds in your right hand.

2. Say the following: "I invite 6 generations of my ancestors on my mother's side and 6 generation of ancestors on my father's side to take this offering."

Take the glass of water with left hand and pour it over the mixture in your right hand, and let everything fall onto the dharba grass, coins and flowers.

Say with a sincere heart: "Use this energy and be healed, be at peace, cross into the light and please don't forget to bless me."

Make sure everything is washed off your right hand.

You may reuse the coins, or discard everything at a river, beach or in nature. You may accumulate offering remnants and discard later.

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