On-Demand Video: 2014 Vedic New Year

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This webcast is replay of an important message given by Dr. Pillai during the 2014 3rd Eye Activation Trip.

Dr. Pillai teaches how you can make your mind stop thinking random thoughts and be in a state of higher thought & consciousness. You should stop the mind and only then you can see your real self. You will learn techniques on how to talk to god.

Dr. Pillai teaches how you can connect with God and strengthen your relation with God. Learn the best time to connect with the God and the powerful tools & techniques that can help you connect and talk to God. By connecting and talking to God, the guidance and wisdom you receive will make your mind more engaging, powerful and keep your mind in higher level of consciousness.

Take Home:

  • Exclusive 30 Day Replay Access
  • Full Transcript of Webcast
  • Full Webcast Audio
  • PDF Companion containing techniques & how to use it

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