Vedic Solstice Webcast with Dr. Pillai

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The upcoming Vedic Solstice is the most important time for the renewal of the universe. Join a webcast with Dr. Pillai and get a comprehensive understanding of the Sun and the brain, the Sun and your happiness, and how you can drive away depression through Sun’s Light and then be happy, and intelligent.

All our progress in science, technology and other fields are all because of Left brain and the left brain is controlled by Sun. Light is intelligence, and the Sun’s Light is the greatest intelligence.  In this special webcast, learn techniques of how Sun can change our brain. 

This is a very practical knowledge, and then everyone can shine like a Sun. It’s a natural intelligence that’s available to everyone. 

Join us in this special webcast with Dr. Pillai on January 17th at 8 am PST | 11 am EST | 9:30 pm IST.

You will also receive 
  • Webcast Audios
  • Unlimited 30 days replay of the webcast
  • Webcast Meditation Audios
  • Mantra Loop Audios
  • Full Webcast Transcript

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