Pass Through The 36 Stages Of Enlightenment
...Learn The Secrets Of Out Of Body
Traveling, Siddhi Powers, And
Kundalini Yoga

Join Dr. Pillai's 2015 Birthday Trip

More About The Trip

"The Theme Of This Birthday Is


"I am excited to teach this course. I have a feeling that after drifting away from the main focus which is enlightenment I have come back to my own territory, yet I have no regrets. I need to prepare people for the highest teaching.

What is enlightenment?

Watch my YouTube video. It is not thought watching, diffusion of thought or mind. It is all of that and beyond. It is gaining omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence with the meat body turning into light particles.

This may sound impossible, but in essence this is what true enlightenment means. Once Agastiya told me that most yogis attain psychological enlightenment but let the body develop cancer. It is an unfortunate enlightenment."

Week 1 – Out Of Body Experience

Jan 30th 2015 – Feb 6th 2015

Rameshwaram, Kumbakonam

"The human mind is still animalistic with survival as its goal. Although this mind is capable of self-inquiry, we are absorbed in the bodily living and the gratification of the senses ending in death. Self, or soul of life, is God. We need to know the soul-current activating our DNA, heart, lung etc. We need an out of body experience - how to experience the soul. Participants, through a long meditation, will pass through 36 stages to be God.

Exploration Of The Soul/ Life-Current / Consciousness

36 stages of the descent of God into flesh and blood. Nothing out there exists that is not God. Human souls are part of God too, but ignorant and lost in matter. From material consciousness to God consciousness is the path of enlightenment. We need to climb up from our material world of the five elements to become pure God consciousness.

You need at least three hours of lying down meditation to get beyond sensory and the karmic mind of countless thoughts. After three hours you will have a glimpse of the pure mind and higher thought processes. At that time the body and the senses will recede to a quasi-deep state. We will have two or more sessions with me, and thereafter you will do it on your own for the rest of your life."

Key Techniques For Week 1

  • Mantras to get beyond the senses and five elements
  • Mantras to get beyond the mind and intellect
  • Mantras to gain control over the autonomous thought processes
  • Mantras to feel oneness

*All meditation can be between thirty minutes to three hours and you will be lying down on foam mattresses.

Week 2: Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers

Feb 5th 2015 – Feb 12th 2015


"Siddhi or Supernormal powers belongs not to the mind or intellect, but to pure consciousness beyond our waking state of consciousness. Siddhi powers are obtained through disciplined practice, grace from God/guru/siddhas or consumption of herbs from merits of previous lifetime practices. Participants will learn and do practices of all the areas mentioned above. Daily fresh herbs prescribed by Siddhas for heightened consciousness will be made available."

Techniques for Siddha-mind training include:

  • Fixing the mind on one object
  • Subtle thought free thinking
  • Thinking without the self or the ego
  • Allowed thinking through the help of the gods and the siddhas
  • Thought manifestation Siddhi
  • Siddhi technique for attraction
  • Siddhi technique for health

*All meditation can be between thirty minutes to three hours and you will be lying down on foam mattresses

Week 3: Kundalini Yoga

Feb 12th 2015 – Feb 18th 2015


"This is the first time I will be teaching kundalini yoga. When centered in the 3 lower chakras (base, sex and naval) kundalini gives the experience of pain and pleasure of ordinary human life. But when she starts to move to the higher chakras (heart, throat, third eye, crown) she gives the exalted life of Siddhas and Yogis.

There are many ways of awakening the kundalini. We will practice these 3 methods:

  • Special breathing techniques
  • Use of mantras for each chakra
  • Prayer to the goddess

*All meditation can be between thirty minutes to three hours and you will be lying down on foam mattresses.

Special Kundalini Snake Rituals

Participants will be introduced to special snake rituals along with prayers to the goddess kundalini. The snake ritual is an esoteric practice kept away from novices. Kundalini yoga is a tantric practice that will release suppressed sexual tension and emotions conditioned by genetics and cultural and religious upbringing. Kundalini yoga is the ultimate yoga. The awakening of kundalini purifies the body, mind and soul."