The Full Moon of The Guru Is The Most Important Time of The Year To
Accelerate Your Spiritual Evolution and Receive the Blessings of the Guru


A Personal note from Dr. Pillai...

Come and celebrate with me the giant leap of the human race into its new evolutionary phase.

The old model of slow progress due to slow movement of time is no longer relevant. The Earth's time clock has been reset.

We want everything fast. We not only have fast food shops, but fast computers, non-stop flights from one part of the globe to the other. Nevertheless, our progress is negligible from the perspective of the Siddhas and the Yogis."


This More Than ANY Other Full Moon Represents
A Time For Rapid Material and Spiritual Transformation

The Full Moon of the Guru only happens once every 12 months, making it the most powerful time to transform your life.

To help you do this, Dr. Pillai performed a very special Empowerment using the Siddha method of teaching or Transmission from the Guru to the student through sight, intention and imparting mantras called power sounds.

The Guru closely controls all these components and, according to the Siddhas, it is almost impossible to progress without the blessing of the Guru. Take advantage of this gift from Dr. Pillai to speed up your own evolution.


Watch the Replay and You Will Experience...



"For those not able to join the Light Body program due to financial
constraints, I am giving you a gift on this great
Full Moon of the Guru." ~ Dr. Pillai

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