Your Invitation To Join The
Light Body Enhanced Program

A Personal Message From Dr. Pillai

Why am I teaching this course?


It is an obligation that I have owed to the human race from times immemorium.


Every time I came to the earth plane I wanted every human being to remember that they are not just flesh and blood, but they are pure light and bliss unlimited.


In every birth, I must confess, that I failed because the times were not right.


The good news is that the time is right now and it is RIGHT NOW. Mother Earth herself is ready to become a light planet, so it is the most conducive time. Dark forces will continue to keep humanity in the ignorant meat body of disease, aging, pain and death.

MY message will ring a bell in the souls of those who have already known the truth. I invite those souls to participate in my global effort to create heaven on earth.


I have carefully put together a 3-part curriculum that can give you a 200% life: 100% material and 100% spiritual.


God Bless.

Brain Changing Master Class for
Ultimate Advancement in Human Evolution

3 Steps to 200% Life


A Master Can Initiate Your Transformation on 3 Levels...

The Conscious Mind – The theories and philosophical understandings you will be exposed to will introduce new concepts and ideas on the intellectual level, replacing the old outdated ones.


The Subconscious Mind – The prescribed practices for each month will impact you on a subconscious level, and create permanent changes through miracles.


The Soul Level – Remedies and rituals done on your behalf in different power vortices will
create changes at the soul level, impacting you in a purely divine way.

“The value of the program lies in 50% of your personal effort and 50% of results will come from corrective rituals done on your behalf on a daily basis.” ~Dr. Pillai

Step 1: Timeline Jumping

Generally speaking, “timeline” means your life on
earth – from birth to death. It is all your givens –
money, health, relationships, etc., but the truth is,
you have several optional timelines available


Our linear civilization has brainwashed us to think
that we have no other alternative life, other than
what we are going through. However, if one remains
alert and unidentified with the givens, he/she can
jump into another timeline, parallel and available.


Jumping from one timeline to another occurs against
the background of what is called “timelessness.”


What is timelessness?

In order to understand timelessness you have to know what time is.


Time, simply put, is movement and is experienced chronologically as well as psychologically. Chronologically, it is the movement of the earth and the planets in the solar system. The Sun and the Moon are the primary indicators of our time and thus we have the solar and the lunar calendars. The revolution of the planets creates days, weeks, months, etc.


This chronological time is one aspect of time. There is another one that we understand and experience in our lives. It is called psychological time. For example, you are flying in the air from Australia to New York and you look at the watch many times, but the time moves slowly. Another example is that you want to get work done within a certain deadline and time moves so quickly and you are not done with it. This fast movement of time stresses you out.


In order to be a Timeline Jumper, you need in-depth understanding of the following:
(1) Time and Timelessness
(2) Chronological Time Created by the Revolution of the Planets
(3) Your Psychological Experience of Time
(4) The Interconnectedness of (1) and (2)


During the course of the 12-month Light Body Enhanced Program you will discover theories, practices and experience rituals and remedies designed to provide you with the knowledge and understanding required to become a Timeline Jumper with the ability to create your own reality.


Step 2: Siddhi Powers

What are Siddhi or supernormal powers?


Simply put, Siddhi or supernormal powers are
the manipulation of our soul intelligence beyond
our mind.


It is all about thought-manifestation bypassing


Why do you not have these already?

Mind is the barrier that disallows supernormal powers.
This is the reason why Patanjali, the Father of Yoga,
recommends stopping the mind as a pre-requisite to gain
Siddhi powers.


During this second element of your journey toward living a 200% life you will be given the tools and techniques to control your mind to experience super intelligence and experience real life miracles.


You will gain the knowledge necessary to develop your own supernormal powers


Step 3: Light Body Program Enhanced

The goal of this Light Body Program is to give you
an opportunity to know and experience your full


We are simply not just three-dimensional beings
afflicted with diseases, aging, pain, and death. We
have not been told about other dimensional existence
that we carry within our soul unrealized.


Dimension, in this context, means a state of
consciousness that carries its own frequencies and
vibrations in an ascending scale.


Dimensions exist within the body-mind and in the outer space.


The ultimate dimension that one can rise to is the 13th dimension, before even the creation of God. God or Siva, in the Indian context, embodies only the 12th dimension.


We have descended from the 12th dimension to the 3rd dimension. In Christian symbology, the descent is called the “Fall.” It is the fall from heaven to the earth plane.


Our objective is to move from the 3rd dimension to the 12th dimension.


The lessons you learn, the steps you take and the practices you perform throughout this 12-month journey are designed and proven over thousands of years to move you toward that goal.



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