The Light Body is a permanent, revolutionary, yet practical, solution for fulfilling the highest purpose of human life and global upliftment.

You are invited to a global forum highlighting Dr. Pillai’s vision for a permanent solution for personal and world peace and evolution. Dr. Pillai is an eminent thought leader, spiritual teacher, scholar, entrepreneur and humanitarian.

Join the online discussion bringing physicians, financial advisors, healers and spiritual seekers together to share, along with Dr. Pillai, their perspectives, ideas and questions about the relevancy of the phenomena of the Light Body as a practical solution for a new era of fulfilling human life and global healing.


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The Forum Will Highlight 4 Key Perspectives On The Light Body:

  • 1: Light Body in World Religions
  • 2: A Scientific Perspective of the Light Body
  • 3: Global Healing and the Light Body
  • 4: Personal Transformation and the Light Body

There is no postponing your evolution. Days go by doing the same old thing. The time is now to fulfill your true purpose...realizing you are Light and living Light.

There is no postponing the evolution of our Planet Earth

Your Light Body Is A Fully Alive You: your highest expression of mind, body and soul.

Have quality desires. Go from seeking fleeting happiness and earthly pleasures and experience the Ultimate in Life- A Light Body.

This is not some “Off the Wall Concept”.
A Light Body is Full Enlightenment...not just mind and soul, but Body too.

The Light Body is a phenomena in Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Egyptian religions- to name a few. There is a universal concept beyond religion, in the realm of science, supporting the fact that matter is merely light at a slower vibration. Is it any wonder people of different cultures around the world believed that attainment of the Light Body is the ultimate goal of personal evolution?

During the live webcast, Dr. Pillai will create the long awaited unity of consciousness amongst the religion and cultures of the world... on the ultimate platform, the highest purpose of life- the Light Body.

You see, your real wealth is not your money, your clothes, the car you drive...you are not your flesh and blood. Your wealth is beyond on all this...the Limitless Light Body

Be inspired by an Enlightened Siddha Master

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