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Golden Age Anointing

“What will the Holy Spirit do? It will give you the ability to do miracles. Through Anointing, it can be given to you.

Miracles can only happen when the Holy Spirit comes into your body. It is already there in the body. It is a matter of activating that. You are already an expression of God— which means you have the ability to do what God does.”

— Dr. Pillai


3 Ways to Join Dr. Pillai for Pentecostal Anointing


Jesus’ blood is going to flow into your nerves, into your heart, and all over the body. Why? We are at the crossroad of life and death. During the communion last night, he filled my body with Light. The upcoming Pentecostal day is the beginning of the transformation of the human race. Once the Holy Ghost enters your body, you will no longer be ignorant. As promised, the Holy Ghost will make everyone able to understand the dynamics of performing miracles with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, Swami Ramalingam, the Buddha and other Gods are different forms and manifestations of the One Unnamable God assuming different names and forms.

 As Jesus gets into the blood, so will Ramalingam turn the blood into Amrita, elixir, a white liquid. The Buddha will still the mind to experience Nirvana. Shreem Brzee will give you pure material blessings devoid of impurities. Shiva will open your third eye. Vishnu will teach you the Einsteinian equation of E = mc2. Although the upcoming period is a period of tribulation, it will be the beginning of the Golden Age for the believers.

The Pentecostal program will run for 6 weeks as a prelude to the next Mystery School. It is Divine intention that the next Mystery School will be filled with Divine energy to transform the participants to end ignorance and obtain enlightenment. God Bless!

— Dr. Pillai


How To Prepare 


“What we need in the 21st Century is not science and technology because it is already there. What we need is ‘miracles.’ A miracle is not just something that is a remote possibility, but it can be an everyday happening once you receive God Power. I invite you to participate in this to be benefitted.” 

— Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai has emphasized the importance of preparing yourself for anointing, so that you are in the most receptive state possible for activating the Holy Spirit within you.

Below are three powerful techniques that were shared during the Mystery School Live Series that you can use to prepare for the Pentecost anointing on June 5 in Dr. Pillai’s Pentecostal Program: The Descent of the Holy Spirit.

1) Blue Light Meditation

2) “Chit” Miraculous Mind Meditation with Mohini

3) Communion with Jesus’ 15 Million Angels & Blood of Jesus Protection Combo Meditation


Immerse yourself in preparing for Anointing on Pentecost Day

Join Dr. Pillai this Sunday, May 29, for the next live event in the free Mystery School Series. Click below to learn more about Dr. Pillai’s Pentecostal Program, or click here to enroll in Mystery School 2022.

Explore Pentecostal Program 



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