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Interactive Fire Labs Laptop

Dr. Pillai has gone on record saying Vedic Homas are the best ways to contact Divine Archetypes who can give miraculous solutions to any kind of problem.  He coined the term “Fire Lab” to emphasize the participatory and experimental nature of this Divine technology because he believes in it and wants to encourage you to do the experiment.

Of all the techniques, the fire lab is the most evolved. You can get results fast. The shortcut to obtain money is through the fire labs.

– Dr. Pillai

Pillai Center and AstroVed are working together to make Dr. Pillai’s vision a reality and bring the power of Fire Labs into homes across the globe. For the first time on the Earth Plane, you can join and actually participate in an authentic Vedic Homa without ever leaving your home. A limited number of specially chosen Pillai Center Fire Labs will be interactive. That means the Vedic Specialist conducting them will communicate with you directly during the call or webcast, guiding you throughout the entire process.

You will be guided in chanting mantras, praying at the appropriate times and when to perform certain actions at home. It is the next best thing to sitting with the Vedic Specialist right in front of the fire…

That said, here are 9 reasons for you to consider trying an Interactive Fire Lab:

1) Because Dr. Pillai practices what he preaches. Dr. Pillai uses this technology in his own life, personally conducting Fire Labs or having them performed regularly on his behalf. Dr. Pillai is an Enlightened Master, and just like the Rishis before him, uses Fire Labs to support his professional, spiritual, and personal business. What do you think they can do for you?

2) To establish a reciprocal relationship with the Divine. A Fire Lab creates a “give and take” relationship between you and Divine Archetypes that have been proven to respond favorably to the right offerings at the right times.

3) To help humanity by pioneering a new spiritual technology. The Vedic Homa is the oldest known spiritual practice on Earth and is found in many different cultures. What Dr. Pillai intends to do, with your active participation, is to update this miraculous technology for the Information Age and into the Golden Age.

4) To join your intention with a like-minded group. The combination of focused intention between the Vedic Specialist, other participants, and yourself creates a powerful synergy and creative force greater than the sum of its parts.  Dr. Pillai has always encouraged people to gather in groups as a way to enhance their innate manifestation abilities.

5) To learn about the Vedic Tradition. You will be led by Priest Premaraja, a storehouse of Vedic knowledge. He intimately knows the intricacies of the ritual and the meaning behind it. Premaraja is a true Vedic Specialist, able to translate the meanings of the mantras into English and give you an insider’s understanding.

6) To experience higher states of consciousness. All the elements of an Interactive Fire Lab combined can elevate your consciousness to a space of stillness, peace, and unlimited creativity. Experience the Divine Mind, the creative space from which anything is possible.

7) To have a heart-opening spiritual experience. Have you ever connected with the Divine on such a deep level that you are overwhelmed with gratitude? An Interactive Fire Lab can give you a profound devotional experience and deeply personal relationship with God.

8) To generate Good Karma. An Interactive Fire Lab has it’s roots in the concept of dharma or “right action”. It’s simple: performing right actions gives positive results; the results of these actions is good karma. The Vedas and later authoritative sacred texts tell us that a homa creates good karma to be experienced for lifetimes to come.

9) Because the Divine says so. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna tells Arjuna that among all sacrifices, the fire sacrifice is the greatest. The favor and grace of God inevitably falls on the person who uses this technology with responsibility and humility.

Fire holds secrets of heaven. This will be the age of miracles. I encourage you to participate in Fire Labs.

– Dr. Pillai

There you have it, just a few reasons to do the experiment yourself and see why the Rishis have been using this technology for thousands of years.  If you want to know more about Fire Labs and get to know Premaraja, the Brahmin priest specially selected by Dr. Pillai for this exciting new initiative, click here for a short video interview.

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