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Muruga Skanda Shasti

Dr. Pillai: “There is an upcoming Muruga Festival called ‘The Six Days of Muruga,’ ‘The Skanda Shasti.’ I am going to give you some understanding about Hindu Festivals, and Hindu Gods per se.

The Hindu Gods have to be understood 

Any Hindu God, for that matter, needs to be understood in terms of ‘Adhidaivika,’ which is a narrative that consists of a story of the God. In Muruga’s case, he is one who won a battle against the bad guys, got married, and got his exploits. This is the narrative part, which is true. 

The narrative part is as important as the other more profound understandings. The other two are the ‘Adhyatmika’ in Sanskrit, which is like the psycho-physical understanding of God, which represents certain happenings within biology, as well as psychology. The third part is called the elemental part, the ‘Adhibhautika’ in Sanskrit, which is an elemental nature. It is a statement of the element or representation of the five elements. 

In Muruga’s case it is worshiping him in all the three aspects, relating to him in an anthropomorphic form. The anthropomorphic form is that he has six heads, and the six heads actually represent the six parts of the brain. The elemental part is the one that represents Agni, which is fire, the pure energy. The Adhyatmika part is the ‘God of Wisdom,’ which is the Third Eye. He is the ‘God of the Third Eye.’ 

The worship of Muruga, or Skanda, or Subramanya, is geared to give us Wisdom by opening the Third Eye

It is all about awakening to a new consciousness, which happens only during a certain time, and that time is the Skanda Shasti time of six days.  In the Western perspective of Skanda, Muruga, is the God of the Pleiades [star system], and those of you who are familiar with the literature that is coming out, particularly from channeled sources, say that the Earth plane is under the Pleiades which are dumping photon rays into this planet  to help it evolve. It is an opportunity for human consciousness of the Earth plane itself to vibrate better. 

Everything is just a vibration. We just vibrate at a very low level, which is why we have all these problems in this human life.  

Human life itself is going to evolve along with the planet, and be highlighted during the six days of the Murugan Worship

This is a very important time for all of humanity to take advantage of this extraordinary time when the world is under the threshold of change for the better, and I personally look forward to that. Muruga, himself, is the ‘God of Knowledge, or ‘Wisdom.’ What gives us strength and hope is just knowledge. Without knowledge, we would just be ignorant and not know anything, so knowledge is the key for our happiness, our understanding, and our liberation. 

This is the will of Muruga to reveal himself as a friend to humanity, to help you evolve from a flesh and blood-based consciousness, to a consciousness, which is Pure Light

That is what the Pleiadian Agenda is, and it is great news for all of humanity to rise up to this level.That is what, to me, represents ‘The Six Days of Muruga.’“

Muruga Mantra Audios 

Click the link below to access Dr. Pillai’s free downloadable Muruga mantra audios to help you  access Muruga’s energy. Muruga has mighty blessings that destroy debts, legal issues, enemies and bad karma, gain supreme wisdom to overcome challenges, open your third eye, and boost your intelligence to succeed in all endeavors.




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