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Sundays with Sucharita is off to a great start! On the first day of Skanda Shasti, Sucharita led the group in a powerful mediation to remove obstacles and connect with Muruga, the Spiritual Warrior. Participate in this guided mediation to unlock the power of Muruga’s Vel within and charge your chakras with creative force.

How to connect with Muruga, also called Skanda, is Sunday’s topic as we move into 6 days and nights recognized by the Vedic sages and yogis for their unique ability to eradicate debt related problems and super-charge your spiritual life. Preview what’s to come in future sessions as Sucharita answers participant’s questions and gives advice on incorporating the right practices out of what—for many of Dr. Pillai’s new and veteran students—might seem like an overwhelming set of options.

If you missed the call, download and give it a listen. Charge your practice with the support of this budding community committed to taking their connection with the Divine to the next level!

Love & Light, Sucharita

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