As the scientific community celebrates the power of Blue Light, Dr. Pillai examines the phenomenon from a spiritual perspective.

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“The Blue LED inventor has been given the Nobel Prize for this year, and I’m very happy about it.  It’s showing that we are moving into an age where we are going to merge science and religion—which Einstein dreamt about. He said: Science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind.

So as a ‘spiritual scientist’ I have always known (there is historical evidence too) that the ‘Blue Light’ is God. It can do miracles.

I’m a phenomenologist of religion, so I understand religion. Whether it is Christianity, Hinduism, or a New Age religion, they are all one and the same, speaking about the same God, although their names are very different.

Spiritual Power of Blue Light

How is ‘Blue Light’ God? Within the Hindu tradition, the Gods are blue in color. They emit ‘Blue Light’.

I have been teaching a meditation called: Thiru Neela Kantam, which is a meditation that can remove your karma. Karma is your mindset. Your mindset can be changed by God through contemplation on the ‘Blue Light’ [in the throat].

A great Siddha Master called Nityananda, who was in the Siddha tradition, says you always see a ‘Blue Pearl’ in your meditation, and that ‘Blue Pearl’ is God. Once you have seen that… then your kundalini has gone up.

In recent times there is a controversial teacher for whom I have great respect: Ramtha, channeled by J Z Knight. She talks about the ‘Blue Body’ that can end duality; we have a ‘Blue Body’. Extensive literature is available in the Hindu tradition about this ‘Blue Light’ that can solve all kinds of problems. And Ramtha (through JZ Knight) has revealed down the road scientists are going to find out the importance of the ‘Blue Light’, particularly in healing the body, in healing the mind.

My approach to ‘Blue Light’, as early as 30 years ago, was to use the ‘Blue Light’ in the throat to diffuse your karma. Your karma is your destiny. It can be diffused with the ‘Blue Light’.

T. D. Jakes, I am a great admirer of him, especially when he talks about the ‘Holy Ghost’ and Faith. He can relate to several traditions of the world, including my own tradition. The ‘Blue Light’ plays a very important role. T. D. Jakes doesn’t know anything about it, and he doesn’t talk about it, but if you go to one particular video of him (Healing 1996) you’ll see he is so animated, full of the Holy Spirit, and then you see the ‘Blue Light’ coming through all of the time when he is calling on God. When you call on God, ‘Blue Light’ shows up. Go to any of his very powerful, animated sermons and you’ll see the ‘Blue Light’ coming, and the ‘Blue Light’ is God.

Beginning to Know the Blue Light

san diego sanctum sanctorumThis is the beginning of our understanding of the significance of God, and how He needs to be understood in terms of the light spectrum, and blue light is very important.

I have my sanctum sanctorum decorated with ‘Blue Light’. If you walk in, you will be completely blown away by this because I have ultraviolet light on the Dancing Siva statue. I’ll attach a photograph of that statue so that you can see: Even by looking at the picture, the ‘Blue Light’ can be transformational.

Although the scientists have only been able to see the physics of it, there is a metaphysics of it. ‘Blue Light’ is indeed God and ‘Blue Light’ will bridge the gap between God and the human consciousness.

God Bless.”

– Dr. Pillai

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