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Kala Bhairava

Dr. Pillai: “Kala Bhairava is the God who is in charge of both psychological and chronological time. He is also in charge of timelessness, which is beyond time. He can give you all the understanding of all 3 dimensions of time. 

When we are celebrating the birthday of Kala Bhairava, we recall what he stands for 

Then we want to make contact with him, so that he can bestow us with the knowledge concerning time. It is very important for us to understand time because time is also money. Everybody is paid for their time. Time equals money.

Time is everything. A baby is born at a certain time and the time decides the destiny of the baby and the growth process until the baby grows into adulthood, and then finally dies.

Time is a phenomenon that is providing structure to life, and this applies to everything, not only human life.

“What is time?” is an important question that no one could precisely answer because it is very involved. The truth is, time does not exist.  Descartes said “It is an assumption that is rooted in the brain, in the mind.”

The Kala Bhairava concept is very central to the Hindu concept of divinity 

He is a real God who sits over time. In other words, he manufactures time for different galaxies. In fact, he has his own galaxy and is the ruler in that galaxy. But he knows all other galaxies. This is simply not mythology, this is reality. If you look at the mythology of Kala Bhairava and how he manufactures time for different galaxies depending on the vibration of each galaxy – you will see the physics of this Kala Bhairava mythology.

Time is fast or slow according to the vibration of each galaxy. For instance, we live here on this Earth plane and time is very slow here. When I say time here, I mean chronological time, meaning the calendar time – the clock time. It is very slow. 

365 days for us living on the Earth plane is just one day for a God living in another space. This is a God who is living in a space which vibrates much faster than our Earth plane. But if you go to yet another plane, it will seem like 365 human days is just 1 hour. If you go even further, there are still 365 days of ours in just 1 minute. You can go even further, and then for that galaxy, these 365 days are just a second, and it goes on and on. 

Understanding the concept of time in relation to speed or vibration is very important for us. 

Kala Bhairava, the creator of time, can give us knowledge 

We go to Kala Bhairava for that purpose. He has a mythology of his own which is a narrative. He has a form of his own which is simply not something the religious people have conjured up. 

He has a real form and is often presented to remain naked, walking with a dog, and is given to drinking alcohol. It is a living tradition. In some Kala Bhairava temples, you go and feed him with wine. The priest actually goes and pours wine into Kala Bhairava’s mouth. I have been to a temple where I have witnessed this.  

There are so many ways you can relate to Kala Bhairava 

The ritual portions are very powerful, and these rituals for Kala Bhairava are done during the 8th Moon because that is the Moon that Kala Bhairava’s energy is abundantly available to us. 

Then there is another aspect of him  – as a protector – he protects us from negativity, from diseases. Whenever there is a disease in the body, Kala Bhairava is very helpful in  removing that disease because the disease is negativity. 

This negativity has caused this disease, and this negativity is also causing your poverty, lack of money, relationships, or energy. All these things are due to negativity, and he is the number one person to diffuse negativity in your body, mind, and soul, and also in your daily activities. 

The Significance of the 8th Moon and Kala Bhairava

Eight is a very important number that was given to us by The Divine in order to organize ourselves. We understand numbers only in a very limited scientific mathematical sense. Beyond mathematics, there is the mystical aspect of the numbers.

Eight, particularly, is the most important number. The Yogis in India know the significance of it. Eight is the number of time, life, Saturn, wealth, and introspection. Eight is also the number for death. It is a very complex number.

In the Hindu calendar, or the Indian Astrological calendar, November 16th is the Eighth Moon. The Eighth Moon is also the Moon for the God of Time, Kronos, Kala Bhairava. There is someone out there, in the universe, who is called Kronos in Greek Mythology. But in the Hindu Tradition, he is called Kala Bhairava, which means the God Bhairava, who is in charge of time.

He has his own Universe, and in this Universe, he creates time units for different universes. He is creating Time. You can get in touch with him to change your time

Changing your Time is changing your Destiny 

How our life is reorganized, even in a second, we cannot catch up with it, because we are so engrossed in a material reality. 

Kala Bhairava is going to put an end to that, especially at this time when we are moving from an ignorant life to an enlightened life due to The Golden Age.

Pillai Center will have a program to welcome Kala Bhairava, and it happens on an 8th Moon. That is very auspicious, as it is the Moon of Kala Bhairava, and it is his Birthday. We are going to celebrate it in a very grand manner because of the Golden Age.”


The 8th Moon and Kala Bhairava’s Birthday during Vishnupati offers Combined Blessings of Wealth Creation and Time Management 

Vishnupati day is a rare time when the wealth-creation energies of Vishnu are most fully abundant and it only occurs four times a year. While Vishnu can give protection and health, we will host a fire lab on November 16th that uses a wealth-creation Gayatri mantra for Vishnu that Dr. Pillai has taught. 

Dr. Pillai has said Kala Bhairava can accelerate time so that we can accomplish in two days what might normally take two weeks. Every archetype can give special blessings on their birthday, so we will also invoke Kala Bhairava to assist participants with improving time management skills. You can access the special energies of the 8th Moon, Kala Bhairava’s birthday, and Vishnu through a Fire Lab to improve wealth creation and time management on this day.


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