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Chitra Purnima: The First Full Moon of the Vedic New Year


chitra purnima


“The Full Moon is the Moon to get involved in acts of prosperity. It’s the time to get involved in the mundane world and ask for material blessings. Then you have that energy – anything to do with starting a new business, or buying clothes or houses, things like that. Praying for that would be appropriate for this time because it is very conducive for those activities.” – Dr. Pillai


Chitra Purnima Full Moon for Erasing Karmic Records 

In 2022, the Full Moon called Chitra Purnima will occur on April 15 PDT. Being the first Full Moon in the Vedic New Year, it is a time to erase karmic records that hold you back from creating a new life and fulfilling your dreams.

Astronomically, Chitra Purnima is celebrated when the Sun is exalted in the sign Aries, and the Moon is in the bright star named Chitra in the constellation of Libra.


Chitragupta: Akashic Record Keeper

The archetype who is believed to be responsible for keeping your karmic records, also referred to as Akashic Records, is Chitragupta. According to tradition, invoking Chitragupta and helping the poor on this day can erase a lot of your negative karma.

“Chitragupta is the lieutenant of the God of justice, dharma. Chitragupta, this demi-god himself, doesn’t have too many temples. His function is to keep the record of every individual, in the Akashic records wherein he maintains the good and the bad that every individual has done in one’s lifetime.” – Dr. Pillai


Chitra Purnima: Birthday of Chitragupta

According to sacred texts, Yama felt overburdened with his work and requested Brahma provide him a lieutenant who could be entrusted with maintaining the records of the dead. Brahma performed intense meditation for 10,000 years, and finally, Chitragupta emerged from his mind and body. This happened on the Full Moon of the month Chitra (mid-April to mid-May). 

Hence, the birthday of Chitragupta is an ideal and auspicious day to perform Chitra Purnima poojas (prayer ceremonies) and access the energies of Chitragupta to erase your bad karmic record, boost your good karma, and gain wisdom to maintain good karma.


Full Moons are Powertimes for Wealth Creation

Full Moons are also powertimes for Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth. Every Full Moon, students of Dr. Pillai chant the Shreem Brzee wealth mantra, individually or in groups. This particular Full Moon will be in Chitra, a star that emits the energy of learning and enlightenment.


Benefits Of Celebrating Chitra Purnima 

Chitra Purnima is one of the best days to make new beginnings in life and make your life shine. By invoking the blessings of Chitragupta on his birthday, you can gain the following benefits:

  • Receive Chitragupta’s grace to erase all sins committed knowingly or unknowingly
  • Increase your good karma by helping the needy and poor on Chitra Purnima
  • Overcome your fear of death and negativity
  • Experience positive energy showered on you 

Once you erase your bad karmic deeds and enter into the path of righteousness, you can feel that you have immersed yourself into total peace.


Mantra & At-Home Practice

Use Lakshmi’s wealth mantra: Shreem Brzee. It invokes the Goddess to help you eliminate poverty consciousness and attract spiritual and material wealth. Chant it as often as possible, even while shopping or when waiting in line for something.

Pillai Center also offers opportunities for group activities on Full Moons because praying and chanting in groups is said to multiply your manifesting efforts. Join our free Shreem Brzee Group Meditation & Mantra Chanting Session to multiply your manifestation efforts during Chitra Purnima. 


Individual Chitragupta Fire Lab

Book your Individual Chitragupta Fire Lab on Chitra Purnima, which is the birthday of Chitragupta, the Divine Record-keeper. This Fire Lab can appease Chitragupta and help you mitigate the consequences of negative karma, attain blessings for good karma, and dissipate Ketu afflictions.


Sign Up


Food Feeding on Chitra Purnima

According to the scriptures, donating food to those in need is an act of virtue and can help you attract positive energy and tranquility to your life. 

You need to worship him on that day with a special food, which is tamarind rice and a special kind of Indian grain called horse gram. You can offer horse gram and cooked tamarind rice to Chitragupta and donate it to poor people. If you miss this occasion, you have to wait for one more year for the Chitra Full Moon again. So, it is better to do it now.” – Dr. Pillai

If you do not have these ingredients, do not worry. It is still auspicious to feed people whatever food you can offer them. Pillai Center can help you feed others with our Food Feeding service on Chitra Purnima day. This service can help you gain merit in the eyes of Chitragupta, the Divine accountant and bookkeeper.


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