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We all know that reality is linear. No, it’s more likely circular. Actually for all we know, it could be a zigzag. Above are some examples of what might happen during the influence of Mercury in Pisces. Our thinking patterns may surprise us, shock others and cloud some conversations. Our understanding will require extra time and a watchful stance.

Yet we can avoid chaos and unexpected embarrassments by noting the nature of Pisces—it’s not linear, it’s intuitive, fosters creativity and feeling and is an overall shaky territory for Mercury. This planet of linearity and communication would rather count on analysis, logic and a solid rational approach.

Since planetary transits are mere signposts for what may happen in your life, getting an astrological consultation while Mercury is debilitated in Pisces (March 27-April 11) seems like a natural self-defense to protect businesses, communication and technology—the main areas ruled by Mercury.

Next best: take 5 easy steps to clarity and ease in your verbal and written exchanges, studies, research, etc.

Don’t assume. Being a foreigner in the US, I learned the hard way the American kinder-garten joke about ‘assuming’. When we assume, we are not alert, so make sure to consider all points of view in a discussion. Perhaps some words were lost in translation and your relationships both at work and home may require a cautious reply. Slow down your communication when possible.

Double-check your investments. The ruler of Pisces is the expansive and at times optimistic-to-a-fault Jupiter. So, making sure you have all the needed information about your money-related operations is a must. Better yet, invest large sums of money after April 11th for better results.

Expand your interests. Now, you may take a liking for devotional poems or spiritual prose. Writing about these subjects may also bring you the blessings of Jupiter.

Do as Einstein. Perhaps the most famous individual with Mercury in Pisces in a natal chart was Albert Einstein. His initially staggering remarks about receiving all his theories from the cosmos and not from his own mind—giving more relevance to intuition and imagination—may have raised some highbrows during his lifetime. Yet he left his huge mark in science and even gained the appellative of ‘genius’. So for a change, why not rely on your intuitive faculties and a bit less on logic? It could bring surprising results.

Opt for a spiritual solution. Fire rituals and pujas to Mercury can greatly reduce the negative effects of this transit. Or you can recite Mercury’s sound vibrations to increase clarity: OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA (108 times). Invoking Vishnu, Mercury’s overlord, with OM NAMO NARAYANAYA (108 repetitions) will bring you additional benefits.

Enjoy the energies!

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