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Muruga Defeat Negativity

Dr. Pillai: “What is negativity? If you ask somebody, if that person is negative, he or she would say I am not negative, but everybody is negative. I have to deal with my own negativity. I will tell you what I mean by that and what happened.

3:30 am in the morning, I got into a different altered state of consciousness, and I maintained it for six hours. That was total bliss. I was in a different altogether experience of the body, of the mind, and a reality that was very pleasant, full of joy and intelligence.

To put it simply, negativity is the mind 

The mind is basically negative. You have 35 or 40 thoughts a minute. How many thoughts are positive or productive thoughts? You can say whether you are negative or not.

Why is it that? Because the nature of the mind is to be negative. This is also the teaching of Zen Buddhism that the mind is basically negative.

In Buddhism, what is positivity then? It is just the absence of everything. Get into the state of absence, and that is your true reality. You are not the body, you are not the mind, and you are in a different state of consciousness.

Who is going to give it to you? Muruga will give it to you

Muruga is not only a God. He is also like other Gods who lived on the Earth plane in different yugas. A Yuga is an epoch of time, hundreds of thousands of years. Though the Earth plane goes through different stages in its consciousness. You become the consciousness of the Earth plane when you are living in a particular yuga.

There is a Satya Yuga which is the age of the Golden Age which will be available to limited people, and will not be available for most people who are around for another 200, 300, 400, or even 1000 years. But at least the good thing to know is it is going to definitely become available for those who can understand what the absence of mind and body is because they seem to be very much present.

That is all we know. We do not know what the absence is.

The absence is being absent, or Nirvana, in Buddhist terminology, or sunya in Hinduism. 

You have to be without the body, without the mind 

That is possible during this time.

There are multiple methods through which you can attain that. One method that I experimented with was for a few years during these six days of Muruga. When I brought a few of my 50 years of my followers to India and demonstrated what it means to experience in a graphic sense of getting rid of negativity. 

Negativity is a demon. It is the devil. For instance, Mary Magdalene had seven devils, and Jesus drove the devils out. A disease is a devil. Negativity is a devil.

The whole idea of Muruga is that you become a Muruga 

Muruga means the God of the highest intelligence with no pain, sorrow, or hardship, because you are that; you are God. But that is not available to us because of the negative mind and negativity of the Earth plane itself.

The Earth plane is also as miserable as we are. Then they all will join together. But the Earth plane will take quite a bit of time to evolve and get to the Golden Age.

But at least we have now the opportunity, a select 0.0001 people or maybe even more, 0.0000001 people, are able to go to an experience the God that they are.

I am very dedicated to that process from today onwards. I am going to do this during these six hours of my Yoga Samadhi. You can see how easy it is to heal the body and mind. It took me 20 years to develop that yoga Samadhi. You do not have to do that. 

The audio may be available too, but I am going to teach it in a different way or maybe add more elements, basically as a reminder of what I did about 25 years ago.”

Watch Replay of Dr. Pillai’s Free Live Teaching 

Click the video below to watch the replay of Dr. Pillai’s recent live event to learn how you can receive maximum benefits from this once-a-year celestial powertime called Skanda Shasti. 

Free 6-Day Muruga Immersion Series | Community Meditation and Mantra-Chanting

Engage in the remainder of a variety of immersive meditations and mantras from Dr. Pillai, as well as interactive tips to try at home to help you best experience the karma-clearing rewards of Skanda Shasti. You are welcome to replay the first session if you missed it. 

These experiences can help you achieve a conducive state to invoke Muruga, connect with your higher self, activate your third eye, and experience a deep focus on karma-clearing throughout your chakras.

Day 1 | How to Evolve with Lord Muruga

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Day 2 | How to Clear Anxiety, Depression, Fear or Anger with Lord Muruga’s Vel

Oct. 26 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 27 at 1 am UTC; 6:30 am IST


Day 3 | How to Erase Bad Karma with Lord Muruga’s Vel

Oct. 27 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 28 at 1 am UTC; 6:30 am IST


Day 4 | How to Raise Kundalini & Gain Wisdom with Lord Muruga’s Vel

Oct. 28 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 29 at 1 am UTC; 6:30 am IST


Day 5 | How to Stop Mind Chatter & Challenge Death with Lord Muruga’s Grace

Oct. 29 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 30 at 1 am UTC; 6:30 am IST


Day 6 | How Lord Muruga’s FAITH Mantra Bestows Utter Positivity

Oct. 30 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 31 at 1 am UTC; 6:30 am IST




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