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Dr. Pillai:It is Diwali Day. Diwali is the biggest Hindu Holiday equivalent to Christmas. After a quarter of a century, I began to somewhat observe Diwali. By that, I mean I just put on new clothes that somebody brought in because it is customary for all people who celebrate Diwali to wear new clothes on that day. The biggest deal is I just want to recall the context, or the mythology, around the celebration of Diwali.

According to the Diwali mythology, it is the day that Krishna, the High God of the Hindus, killed a demon called: ‘Narakasura’ 

Narakasura, the name itself, is significant because it reminds of  human conditioning. Naraka, or Nara, is “one pertaining to the Earth plane.” He was also the son of the Mother Goddess, the Earth Goddess, and the Boar Avatar of Vishnu. There is another version of it, but according to the mainline tradition, Narakasura, the demon was born out of the Boar Avatar of Vishnu, and was born between the Boar, and the Mother Goddess Lakshmi. According to another version, he was the son of Hiranya. 

The story is very significant. The symbolism behind this is about the Earth plane, and the origin of the demon is also out of the Earth. The Boar takes the Earth, and the story as well. The Boar went deep into the Earth in order to rescue the Mother Goddess, Lakshmi, or the Earth Goddess Lakshmi who was kidnapped by a demon, and the demon was associated with gold.

When you try to make sense of the mythology behind this, it is all about human conditioning and human life. The life of this demon is similar to the life of human beings. The demon was so greedy, and he wanted to have the world come under his control.  Then he was so ruthless in getting wealth from other people, women, and so forth. He was leading a very inappropriate life at the expense of other people just to satisfy his own senses of greed. This is exactly the condition of human beings today. 

The story goes that the regime of this guy, Narakasura, went for some time, and Vishnu, his own father, incarnated as Krishna and killed him. And as he was killed, he had a request that his death should be celebrated by everyone on the Earth plane. 

Diwali is the day when we remember the death of Narakasura

What it means is that greed has come to an end, and by who? By a person who was his own father, Vishnu, but reincarnated as Krishna. Diwali really means the death of a greedy person who was immoral in every sense of the term, and that came to an end.

I wanted to do this video because it seems very appropriate to what is going on in the world today. Greed has gone out of control, and God has to check the greed, and then stop it.

‘Occupy Wall Street’ is a movement that started in New York and spread everywhere. It is still spreading everywhere, and is a very important movement. I just recall the mythology of Narakasura on this day where we are facing situations of greed being controlled by contemporary happenings whether it is the unrest in the Middle East, and the dictators losing ground or being killed. 

All of this is a good sign of a Golden Age that is going to come

I have no doubt in my mind that the Golden Age is starting as of now.

The New Age is where people will behave, have a better mind, a better body, better ethics, and character. That is on the corner. 

I want to go back and talk about what is going to happen to the financial industry. Is the world able to live without money? No, it cannot. We have to have some kind of economic system, otherwise things on this Earth plane will not work. We cannot go to the barter system which we had before in the beginning of our civilization which we developed before the current economic system with money, coins, currency, and so forth. The other alternative is just the barter system. That is not a possibility for us to go back to.

I have thought about this issue for quite some time and I think the way it is going to be resolved is by having  a proper relationship with money. We cannot just dump money, hate money, and live without money. Money will always be here in some form or the other. Dumping it, or hating it, is not going to be a choice, and it will never happen. 

What needs to happen is a proper relationship with money

A proper relationship with money is that human beings should develop compassion to share the money between themselves, and not have greed. That is very important and it is. What I want to recall on this day of Diwali, is that greed will destroy the person who is greedy, and also the environment in which he is living in. It is also destroying other people. Greed has to go and is an outcome of ignorance. Only an ignorant person will be greedy. An intelligent person will never be greedy. Greed goes with ignorance hand-in-hand. When ignorance is put to an end, then the greed will also go away, so that has to happen. That will happen in many ways. 

One way that has started to happen is trouble for all of the people who have more money than they really need because there is an uprising against the rich people who are hoarding money. This uprising will continue to gain strength, creating a lot of internal turmoil, and the government will not be able to handle that situation, and  will be forced to enact laws to contain the rich people who will resent the laws, but it will be done no matter what. Otherwise it will lead to a lot of violence. This is going to happen everywhere, all over the world. 

The learning has to occur on both sides, the people who are revolting against, and also the people who are rich, and the politicians. They all have to come together and find a solution. 

There will also be some external factors that will expedite the process, and that factor is natural calamities everywhere, where people will not be able to handle those calamities, and then will be forced to turn to God, and ask for a solution. At that level, then we will see a solution emerging because people will know that they are unable by themselves to solve the problem. 

Who has to solve the problem? God 

Then there will be ethics; then there will be morality. 

This gives you an idea of what is going to happen to the world, and how we will transition from the money-based, greed-based, materialistic paradigm, to a spiritual paradigm.”

Dispel Negativity, Gain Lakshmi’s Grace & Build Abundance Consciousness during Diwali 

The sound “Shreem Brzee” represents the very essence of the Divine light which descends on Diwali each year. Dr. Pillai says that ‘Shreem’ is the sound of life, money, joy, and prana (life energy). It is the sound of gold and the manifesting energy that attracts wealth and money. ‘Brzee’ removes poverty consciousness. The mantra has a thought form and a bunch of sound waves that can create wealth that one wants. 

Simply touching the throat and chanting ‘Brzee’ or ‘Shreem Brzee’ can clear your karma. Dr. Pillai has said ‘Brzee’ itself is also a great tool for clearing karma. 

Our experienced Vedic priests will chant this ultimate wealth-building mantra 108,000 times per day for two days which can help invoke Shreem Brzee’s blessings for prosperity and a flawless life.

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Click the video below to hear Dr. Pillai explain the mythology of Diwali:

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