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We are not born to suffer. We are not born to be poor.  We are not born to be alone. We are not born with low self-esteem.

We are born to live as God. Not God as a metaphor, but literally.

We are going to suppress our human self, our consensus reality,

and live the reality of the Holy Spirit within us.

— Dr. Pillai

End Your Ignorance And Obtain Enlightenment in 6-week Pentecostal Program & Mystery School 2022 

Pillai Center teacher Mohini describes her personal experience with Dr. Pillai’s initial Pentecostal anointing. 

“I was profoundly moved by Dr. Pillai’s Pentecostal anointing that he gave as the first step in a miraculous 6-week journey that I see as Holy Spirit Enlightenment.

Dr. Pillai said it is Divine intention that Mystery School 2022 will be filled with Divine energy to help participants end their ignorance and obtain enlightenment, and that the 6-week Pentecostal Program will be a compressed version of the year-long program.

During the Pentecostal Program, 7 Supreme Archetypes can give supreme gifts of the highest spiritual and material evolution. I asked Dr. Pillai if people can experience the foundation of Enlightenment in 6 weeks, and Dr. Pillai confirmed this.

We do not want anyone to miss this Divine gift, and we are here to help you join this miraculous 6-week journey that has just begun.

Love and Light,”


Start Your Immersion into the Path of Holy Spirit Enlightenment

By joining Level II of the Pentecostal Program, you will embark on a 6-week path of Holy Spirit Enlightenment, and have the opportunity to join the following events happening this week:

• June 11: Golden Age Coaching with Meena

June 12: Preparatory Immersion with Mohini for Dr. Pillai’s Second Anointing

Dr. Pillai’s Second Anointing

Join Dr. Pillai on Sunday, June 19, for the second anointing that will focus on the various Supreme Archetypes of the Holy Spirit:

“Jesus, Swami Ramalingam, the Buddha and other Gods are different forms and manifestations of the One Unnamable God assuming different names and forms.

As Jesus gets into the blood, so will Ramalingam turn the blood into Amrita, elixir, a white liquid. The Buddha will still the mind to experience Nirvana. Shreem Brzee will give you pure material blessings devoid of impurities. Shiva will open your third eye. Vishnu will teach you the Einsteinian equation of E = mc2. Although the upcoming period is a period of tribulation, it will be the beginning of the Golden Age for the believers.

The Pentecostal program will run for 6 weeks as a prelude to the next Mystery School. It is Divine intention that the next Mystery School will be filled with Divine energy to transform the participants to end ignorance and obtain enlightenment.

God Bless!”

Click the link below to explore the Pentecostal Program and enroll.


Click the link below to learn more about the Mystery School 2022 program and sign up. 


If you need more support with flexible payment options to join, contact us at programs@pillaicenter.com to make arrangements before the next live event.

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