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Dr. Pillai: “I was born February 1, 1949, on a small island named Rameshwaram in southern India. Rameshwaram is near the southernmost tip of the Indian subcontinent and is only a few miles away from Sri Lanka. 

In mythical times, Lord Rama had ordained this island as the perfect geographical space to remove the most sinful karma 

In Rama’s own case, he had to get rid of his karma for having killed his rival in battle, the demonic Ravana. Although Ravana was an evil person and deserved death, killing someone in and of itself has its own consequences, and Rama needed to pay for this karma.

Rama established a shrine for Lord Shiva 

He ordained that whosoever had done terrible karma could come to this shrine and wash their sins in the temple. The tradition is still followed in the temple. Pilgrims go to the temple and take a dip in the waters from 20 or more wells that surround the temple. With wet clothes, the pilgrims then walk into the sanctum sanctorum. Because of this custom, the temple floor is always wet. If water can purify sins, it is truer in this temple than anywhere else.

Until recently I had no clear idea of why I reincarnated in Rameshwaram 

Kakabhusunda, the immortal yogi of all times, revealed to me in a vision the purpose of my birth at Rameshwaram. I needed to breathe and later master the spiritual energy that dissolves terrible karma of people so that I can help them to diffuse their karma. This vision made perfect sense to me because, until I was 18 years old, I never left the island, so I was soaking in the aura of Rameshwaram very deeply.”

Birthday Rameshwaram Astral Travel & Virtual Darshan (Transmission of Energy)

On Day 1 of Dr. Pillai’s Birthday Retreat, February 1, Master Teacher Mohini will guide a spiritual journey for your soul to visit Dr. Pillai’s birthplace of Rameshwharam. Experience rebirth on Dr. Pillai’s Birthday, as your negative karma is washed away in the holy, sin-dissolving waters of this most powerful vortex.

Day 1: February 1

  • Avatar Aarti Pooja (Prayer, Sound, and Light Ceremony) with Sucharita 
  • Birthday Rameshwaram Astral Travel & Virtual Darshan 


Day 2: February 4

  • Live Siddhi Powers Empowerment with Dr. Pillai
  • Live Enlightenment Initiation with Dr. Pillai 
  • Live Karuppaswamy Initiation with Dr. Pillai 
  • How to Channel Karuppaswamy & Miracle Prayers 


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