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Dr. Pillai: “My entire life as Ramalingam was spent on giving theoretical and practical proof as to how matter can turn into light. From a theoretical standpoint, two basic principles are very important. One is the gross five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space turning to their corresponding insubstantial energy forms. 

The second principle is the opening of the Third Eye that results in the removal of seven layers of material and energy consciousness 

It is important to note that these two purificatory processes are fairly difficult to accomplish by human efforts alone. It is ultimately up to the mercy of Shiva that accomplishes it.

Shiva appeared before Ramalingam, who was sleeping on the floor. He woke him up. Ramalingam saw the splendor of Shiva’s form. Shiva then hugged him. 

Ramalingam’s body instantaneously became a light body

He also developed the Third Eye of Shiva. Shiva then left and Ramalingam’s body reverted back to its original flesh and blood form. Ramalingam was quite unhappy. Nevertheless, he remembered the initiation and hoped that one day he would permanently get the Light Body

Accordingly, in 1873 Ramalingam’s body turned into Light 

Many of his disciples were in awe, but none wanted the Light body. Ramalingam was upset that his students preferred three meals and full gossip over the Light Body. He decided to take off and come back at a later time. He disappeared on January 30th of 1874.”

The Second Day of Dr. Pillai’s Birthday Retreat

Day 2: February 4

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