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Dr. Pillai: “I am going to talk about everyday Astrology. I have said before that Astrology is not superstition, particularly Vedic Astrology, the Astrology developed in India, was created by the seers, saints, sages who stay in contact with The Divine. 

That is why Vedic Astrology is very different, and more profound than Western Astrology.

Astrology Can give you Guidelines on a Daily Basis

I just want to share with you how I personally use Astrology on a daily basis. I just came from lunch. I just went with another person to a Thai restaurant. When the lunch plates were brought, mine was a pink plate, and hers was a green plate. 

For some reason she switched the plates, then I started telling her: “The pink plate was mine because I am a Libra, and Libra is ruled by Venus, and you are a Virgo, and Virgo is ruled by Mercury, whose color is green. 

By exchanging these plates, you are fulfilling my desire to give you more money.  It happened because of my deep sankalpa, sankalpa is my thought. Then the food was served. I had yellow curry that again corresponds to my Venus, and she had green curry that corresponds to her sign Virgo, and Mercury. 

There is no way that you can escape the influence of the Planets because the Planets are the agents that carry out your Karma

I will give you another example from my own life. I am now on YouTube. I am number eight today on the most subscribed for the people in the Guru’s Category, and number eight will be a difficult number. For me to move to number seven, I have to work to get members for like three weeks of work, then I will move to seven. From seven, to six will be easier, but six is going to be even more greater, the difficulty will be greater. 

I am number eight. I am going to go through some difficulty to move to seven, and from seven I will move easily to six, but in six I will be stuck unless I bring members worth for a month, to simplify this problem. 

Why in number eight and number six  will I experience some difficulty to move to the next stage? Why, because eight is a difficult number, signifying Saturn, and six, although it represents Venus, it also has the aspects of the sixth house in the horoscope, and Mars energy also. What should I do? I know that eight is going to give me problems, so I can do something like propitiate the Planet, so that I will not go through a lot of hardship in moving to number seven. When I am at six, similarly to move to five, then I will propitiate Mars, and also use Venus’s energy in order to move quickly.  

This is the practical use of Astrology 

The Planets are out there, and then they tell you this is what is going to happen, and you can use this energy in your personal life. I just want more people to use this practical knowledge. If you go to my Astroved.com site, it can give you a lot of information on the Planets. 

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