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Ganesha God Science

Dr. Pillai:Understanding God is very vital. Why? Because it can make your life not just a lot easier, but also very profitable. It can lead to success and fulfillment. 

But there is a conflict here, especially for those of us living in the age of science and technology because God is invisible. 

God is both visible and invisible

Part of understanding God is to know that he is invisible, whether it was for the prophets, Yogis, or other God men. God has been invisible, but also visible. It all depends upon the religion that you know about, progress in, and practice. I do not want to complicate this issue. Let me put it very simply: God is both visible and invisible.

I am going to talk about it at some length in the initiation that I will be doing on Ganesha’s birthday, where I will explain the visible and the invisible aspects of Ganesha. 

He is also inside the subtle body and in your first and third chakras. That is why an understanding of God in the Hindu tradition is comprehensive. This is what I did for my PhD. God has to be understood inside the body, outside the body, as with a form or as with no form. 

All of them are true and are profitable. In any religion, God is conceived as a hero, a superhuman being, or Divine Being who is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent.

Whatever problems we cannot solve ourselves, these Gods can help us do that

That is why Jesus, at the end of his lifetime on the Earth plane said, ‘Nothing is going to work. I did miracles, but then I am just one person who can be doing miracles all the time for you. I am going to go from here and send you the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit will do all the miracles for you.’ This is not to say that the Holy Spirit is not within you now. The Holy Spirit is also within you. Why did Jesus say that I had to go and send a Spirit? I am going to talk about how the Holy Spirit is also a real person and is within you already.

I am going to combine all this and then give you a mantra, perhaps several mantras, to awaken the Ganesha within you in the physical and astral body, learn the methodologies to see him in person, understand why the use of having an image of God Ganesha with the elephant head and potbelly is necessary,  and how it goes beyond the symbol.

When you put all these things together, they are very useful.

A statue is not just idolatry, it is a device

It is a technology like the fire ritual is a technology.

I will also lead you with a candle worship because the candle as fire is able to facilitate the divine being, (in this case, Ganesha), to come and be present and establish a connection with the people who are praying to him.

All this knowledge will be revealed to you. An initiation will be part of it. That is what I intend to do. In the meantime, the best way you can benefit from this initiation and lecture on Ganesha is to go back to at least thirty, forty, or even fifty videos I have done on Ganesha, including the neurotheology of Ganesha and how he is localized in your anterior cingulate in the form of the neuron called Von Economo Neuron. 

This is a very special neuron, which you find in humans and in only very few animals like dolphins, elephants, and monkeys. These are super-intelligent beings. I have done many videos on this before; just if you can watch them, then that will prepare you. 

It is a matter of establishing a relationship with Ganesha

‘Gana-Esha’ means the Being who is very powerful, has a super intelligence, and the ability to help you in a very remarkable way. He is a very compassionate Being. It is important to welcome him on his birthday and establish a connection with him, especially during this time of crisis for the entire world. I look forward to that and I invite you to participate in the program. 

God bless!”

Prepare for Ganesha’s Birthday on August 30 with 21 Days of Ganesha Free Community Events

Ganesha’s birthday is considered to be the most significant archetypal birthday of the year. These events were created to help prepare you to make the most of this precious time of obstacle removal, karma cleansing, and new beginnings of all kinds.

21 Days of Ganesha Teachings & Meditation

We will be live streaming teachings and meditations from Dr. Pillai every day from August 9-29 to connect with Ganesha’s obstacle-removing energy in the 21 days before his birthday.

Forming a strong relationship with Ganesha can help you change your karma, overcome obstacles of all kinds, and enjoy new beginnings in various areas of your life.

Join us on YouTube at the Pillai Center channel or the Pillai Center Practice channel.

2 Live Teachings with Dr. Pillai 

Join Dr. Pillai for in-the-moment teachings and revelations about the elephant-headed obstacle remover Ganesha, as we prepare for his birthday. These free sessions will help you get ready for Dr. Pillai’s special initiation on Ganesha’s birthday. 

7 Days of Live Chanting and Meditation

A Pillai Center Teacher will host a week of Live Ganesha meditation and chanting sessions in the lead-up to Ganesha’s birthday. Meditating in a group setting can increase the benefits for all who participate, which means more obstacle smashing, karma clearing, and new beginnings for everyone who attends these powerful sessions!

To learn more, visit pillaicenter.com 


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