“What the “birth of a God” means for us is the birth of a particular God within oneself.” Dr. Pillai


According to the yogis and siddhas, the birthdays of archetypes are important for this primary reason:

They are when that archetype’s intelligence and power can be “birthed” from the unconscious into the conscious identity.

In the siddha tradition, Kala Bhairava’s birthday is one of the most anticipated archetypal birthdays of the year.

It is because they consider Kala Bhairava to be a highly significant, supreme archetype. Dr. Pillai explains:

“Bhairava means the principle of creation, maintenance, and dissolution. He is the totality of time – the beginning, the middle, and the end. Bhairava is Shiva himself, who gives the supreme understanding of all possibilities of human consciousness.

It is related to time because the faster time moves, the faster the mind moves. It should be incredibly fast, and Bhairava instantly manifests things for you.”

Kala Bhairava’s Archetype Explained

While Kala Bhairava is said to have sixty-four different forms in total, each representing different facets of his powers and intelligence, there are some general qualities associated with him. He is considered a:

  • Fierce guardian – he is an ultimate protector god
  • Master of manifestation – can manifest instantly
  • Lord of time – knows past, present, and future
  • Controller of karma – governs all astrology
  • King of productivity – actions and thoughts always aligned with perfect time

4 Ways to Birth Kala Bhairava’s Archetype

Below are four ways you can take advantage of Kala Bhairava’s 2019 birthday beginning on November 19, and awaken his archetype within.

1. Learn one of his mantras from Dr. Pillai 
 Dr. Pillai teaches more about Kala Bhairava and imparts a powerful mantra to access his power.
2. Join Kala Bhairava Birthday Program

Dr. Pillai created this program during a previous Kala Bhairava birthday powertime. In it, he gives initiations into two of his sacred mantras for accessing his power to quickly manifest desires and experience enlightenment of the highest order.

He also reveals teachings on ways to successfully invoke Kala Bhairava for an ongoing spiritual practice. Kala Bhairava’s birthday is the premiere time of the year to start this program.



3. Become a Timeline Jumper

Timeline jumping is a technology taught by Dr. Pillai to align your consciousness to a state of awareness beyond time, enabling you to create your life moment by moment without time. In the program, you will receive initiation into the six-step process to become a Timeline Jumper, including rare teachings, mantras, and meditations from Dr. Pillai. This program was originally taught by Dr. Pillai to a small group of students in a past premier yearlong program.

4. Join Special Prayer Offerings

During Kala Bhairava’s 2019 birthday, we will be invoking four of his forms, at powerspots in India where his energy is alive and active, for the following benefits:

  • Career advancement
  • Material gains
  • Healing
  • Luck
  • Enlightenment
  • Destruction of negative forces
  • And much more


Your Enlightenment,


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