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Diwali is the ancient Hindu “Festival of Lights” and, much like the Christmas season in the Christian tradition, it is a time for celebrating generosity, life and the fruits of it.  Children enjoy gifts and sweets during this time, and families come together to celebrate all the light in life.

Traditionally Diwali, signifies the victory of Light over Darkness, Knowledge over Ignorance, and Hope over Despair.

According to the Diwali mythology, it is the day that Krishna, the High God of the Hindus killed a demon called Narakasura. He was leading a very inappropriate life at the expense of other people just to satisfy his own senses and greed, and this is exactly the condition of the human beings today.


– Dr. Pillai

Unfortunately, for thousands of poverty-stricken children in India, enjoying the festivities won’t be easy. For too many kids, Diwali will not come and despair will win out over hope. You can help Dr. Pillai and Tripura Foundation change that.  Even the most humble of donations can help to give the gift of light and a joyful Diwali to a child who needs it.

With your $10 donation, you can give one of these kids a brighter Diwali.  This year, let’s send our Ambassador’s of HoPE with as many gift packages as we can!

Your gift package includes a HoPE Hero backpack and a brand new pair of shoes. Many of these kids live in rural villages or inner-city slums; their families can’t prioritize basic supplies or even shoes. What may seem like a small gesture for you will have such a tremendous positive impact on them, and especially during this holiday season.

You’ll be giving much more than a material gift, but also an opportunity for a child’s consciousness to change in a powerful way by giving them a Diwali experience of hope, filled with reflections of generosity and grace.

Give a Gift of Hope and Light this Diwali

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Make someone’s Diwali special.


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