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Vedic New Year

Dr. Pillai: “The Sun’s movement into Aries is very important for all human beings because they can make important changes in their lives during these 30 days of time. 

We have been given this 30-day window for us to re-organize ourselves, and create a new life

What I want to do is just talk about what the Sun can do for human beings or even for a country. 

Japan is very closely associated with the Sun because the King himself is considered a descendant of the Sun God, the Emperor. He is the only one who is allowed to go into the temple where there are six hundred priests in that temple called the Amaterasu.

It is the Sun temple dedicated to the Sun Goddess. The temple is very alive. I meditated on it. Why is Japan so important? Japan is a Trillion-dollar economy, and a small country, with very little land and people living there. How are they able to become one of the financial powers of the world? It is all because of the blessings of the Sun God. 

When we talk about the Sun, it is simply not the Star in the sky, but it is also God 

That is why it is very important for the Yogis to chant Gayathri, which is the chant for the Sun God.

Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha 

Tat Savitur Varenyam 

Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi 

Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat 

You meditate on the Sun, and then he will come and change your Consciousness. All that you have to do is: you just meditate on him, and then the rest will be done by him. That is the meaning of this chant. 

The Sun gives you Consciousness and power 

Japan is powerful because it is “The Land of the Rising Sun.” It is the land that attributes its beginning to the Sun God. What can the Sun do? It can give you the highest intelligence possible. The Sun is responsible for strengthening your Left Brain. Your Left brain is the Sun’s part. It is directly connected to the Sun. 

What is the Sun? 

The Sun is unlimited energy, power, and unlimited intelligence. It is very important. Do not miss the time. If you miss it, you will be missing a year because then you have to wait for next year for the Sun to come back to Aries. It is a very important time to come and use it. God Bless.”

Harness Forward-Moving Energy for a New Beginning & Forge Ahead in 2023 with Pillai Center’s Vedic New Year Ceremonies

On this auspicious day which marks the beginning of the Vedic New Year, Pillai Center will perform 24 powerful Rituals to Supercharge Your Life & Create a New Destiny when the Sun Enters Aries to the following Divine Archetypes:

  • Trimurti and Trishakti (Holy Trinity of Primordial Archetypes – Shiva & Parvati, Vishnu & Lakshmi, Brahma & Saraswati)
  • Ganesha (Supreme Obstacle Remover)
  • Sun (Soul Planet)
  • Mercury (Business & Intellect Planet) 
  • Navagraha (9 Karmic Agents)

If you feel called to do so, you are welcome to participate in 4 Grand Fire Labs with 3 Sacred Hymns Chanting, 13 Special Poojas, 2 Special Services, Food Feeding, and Ancestral Ritual, targeted to:

  • help remove negativity and obstacles blocking progress, 
  • bring new opportunities 
  • accomplish goals
  • grant protection and boons for good health, success, fame, and prosperity in 2023.



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