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How to Meditate at Home

What is Meditation

Meditation is an effective way to train your mind and to connect yourself with the divine. Today life has become fast-paced, the world is turning more chaotic, and we are losing our inner peace. Meditation has proved to be the best prescription for experiencing inner bliss. 

Where to Meditate

During earlier times, those willing to meditate will join a monastery and surrender to a Guru to learn the meditation technique. Until he learns the techniques of meditation, he will stay with the Guru.

Some will receive initiation from their Guru and go for a tirtha yatra (spiritual trip) and meditate in the power spots ideal for meditation. Hindu scriptures mention that meditating near the banks of sacred rivers like Ganges, Yamuna, Narmada, Cauvery, Krishna, etc., is very significant. Likewise, meditating on hills and mountains is also suggested by the scriptures. 

Meditation in New age

Everyone one can’t join a monastery and there may be some practical difficulty in going to spiritual powerspots, riverbanks, or mountains for practicing meditation.

A practical solution to this problem is, Learning to meditate at home. Though not so effective as the meditation practiced in an ashram, temple, or a spiritual power spot, meditation at home helps you seek solace in this busy world and experience inner peace and bliss.

This article will discuss home meditation and the procedure of learning it.

Home Meditation

Home meditation is the process of practicing meditation at your very home. If you can practice it successfully, you will experience the bliss of meditation at your very own home. The following are the steps that are helpful to practice meditation at home.

How to Meditate at Home

Steps to practice meditation at home

  1. First, unfold a mat and sit or lie comfortably on it.
  2. If you cannot sit or laydown, you may use a meditation chair or cushion.
  3. Shut your eyes. Use Cooling Eye Masks or Restorative Eye Pillows if required.
  4. Do not control your breath; inhale and exhale breath naturally.
  5. Focus on your breath and the movement of your body. During each inhalation and exhalation, observe how there is circulation of air in your chest, shoulders, rib, and belly.
  6. Focus your full attention on your breath, don’t try to control its pace or intensity.
  7. If your mind is wavering, turn your focus to your breath again.
  8. Continue the process unless you have got used to it.

Requisites for a Successful Home Meditation

Your home mediation can be successful if you follow these steps.

  • Choose the meditation method: There are different techniques of meditation. First, do simple research on the different meditation methods available and conclude the best technique for you.
  • Start Gradually: Don’t practice intense meditation right from day one. Understand that meditation is a gradual process, and don’t be in a hurry. In the beginning, try meditating for few minutes and increase the time gradually. Intense meditation in the beginning phase itself will make you restless and weary. 
  • Choose a convenient time and comfortable spot: It is very important to choose a convenient time and comfortable spot for meditation. Meditating at 5.00 AM one day and at 11.00 AM the next day is not going to help. Likewise, identify the best place to meditate at home, it might be the pooja room, your study, the terrace, or anything, but you should feel comfortable meditating there.
  • Opt for Guided Meditation: As you’re just beginning with home meditation, the Guided meditation technique might prove to be useful. You can follow the guided meditation techniques developed and curated by authentic and renowned meditation experts.
  • Be sure to avoid disturbances: Meditation practiced in a disturbing environment is of no use. Ensure you are not disturbed by your family members while you are meditating. You might inform them about your meditation schedule and ask them not to disturb you during that time.
  • Be focused: When you are meditating, stay focused and don’t lose your concentration. If you are listening to or observing the activities around you, it will spoil your meditation.
  • Don’t meditate when your stomach is full: Meditating with a full stomach is a waste of time. It is best to meditate with an empty stomach; if you find it difficult, take a glass of milk or juice. 


We hope you got an idea about Home meditation. Please follow the steps mentioned in the article. We wish you success in experiencing inner peace. 

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