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Karuppaswamy - Wordhip and Mantras

Karuppaswamy is a village deity worshipped across Tamil Nadu and in some parts of Kerala. He is the guardian angel of families. People from villages are sincerely devoted and are afraid to do things against Karuppaswamy. Karuppaswamy can be split into two to give meaning, Karuppu + Swamy, meaning the god who is black.


Worship of Karuppaswamy has been existing in Tamilnadu for ages. Several documental pieces of evidence are suggesting the worship of this village deity from time immemorial. Karuppaswamy worship is prevalent in some parts of Kerala too.

There are various legends associated with Karuppaswamy. One legend goes that Lord Vishnu created him to uphold righteousness in this world. Another legend praises him as the servitor of another popular village, demi-god Ayyanar.


True to his name, Karuppaswamy features a dark complexion. He rides a white horse, has hunting do by his side, and wears several ornaments, especially belts with small sound emanating bells and salangai, an ornament worn at the feet. Karuppaswamy’s weapons include bow and arrow, swords, sickle, and a long staff. He features a thick moustache and his long matted-hair is tied sidewards on the head. Karuppanar’s eyes are wide and red, his forehead is smeared with Thiruneeru (sacred ash) and Kumkum paste.


The temples of Karuppaswamy are very simple and are usually in the outskirts of a village. Usually, the Karuppaswamy statue is installed nearby big trees, and a simple platform is built around it. Surrounding the Karuppaswamy statue, huge sickles and spears are installed. In some temples, instead of a statue, a sickle is placed in the middle and is worshipped as Karuppaswamy. Other than Karuppaswamy, statues of saptha kannis (7 forms of female deities), Lord Vinayaka, Naga (snake) statues, and figurines of other local village deities are also worshipped.

Hereditary non-brahmin priests perform the pooja rituals for Karuppaswamy. These priests also act as the oracle of that particular village and guide the people. People who seek divine intervention or answers from Karuppaswamy contact the priests, who, in turn, obtain the answer from Karuppaswamy by shuffling flowers or voice the opinion of Karuppaswamy by entering a trance state.

While worshiping Karuppaswamy for the fulfillment of wishes or demands, a person prays that he/she will submit an offering as a token of thanksgiving. There are strictly no rules as to what a devotee can offer, at some places, Karuppaswamy is treated as a vegetarian god, and the devotees don’t take non-vegetarian food while visiting the temple. Whereas, at some places, people offer animal sacrifice to Karuppaswamy.

Offerings to him include milk, camphor, rice, butter, cloves, ghee, cheroots, and alcohol. Goats, pigs, and chicken are also sacrificed. In some places, Karuppaswamy worship is a part of Tamil Siddha tradition.

Forms of Karuppaswamy

Devotees worship Karuppaswamy in different forms, and different names are being given to him based on it. Apart from the difference in the weapons and the way Karuppaswamy stands or sits, there are not many differences in these forms.

There are 108 forms of Karuppaswamy. Below are some the important forms of those 108.

  1. Padinettam Padi Karuppaswamy
  2. Sangili Karuppaswamy
  3. Sandana Karuppaswamy
  4. Sandana Karuppaswamy
  5. Periya Karuppaswamy
  6. Chinna Karuppaswamy
  7. Ellai Karuppaswamy
  8. Muthu Karuppaswamy
  9. Malai Karuppaswamy
  10. Vettai Karuppaswamy
  11. Thoppu Karuppaswamy

Karuppaswamy Festival

The festival of Karuppaswamy is celebrated with the combined efforts of the villagers. They form a committee for collecting funds, and the fund collected is utilized to bear the expenses. Traditional arts and performances are arranged during the festival. Offerings and sacrifices are made to Karuppaswamy, depending on a person’s ability or prayer to the deity.

Karuppaswamy Miracles

As mentioned earlier, Karuppaswamy is the guardian of the entire village or a family, and thus, the people consider and respect the deity as one amongst them. When an issue arises between two persons or families, they go to the temple and sort out the issues by swearing on Karuppaswamy or accepting their fault in front of the deity.

Karuppaswamy Mantras

You may chant the following mantras to receive the grace of Karuppaswamy. Dr Pillai gave this mantras to the world by Dr. Pillai for the benefit of humanity.







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