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“During a car journey many years ago, I was stopped by a person channeling Karuppaswamy. He said, ‘People misunderstand me. They think that I am a village god but I am the God of Justice. I am going to usher in the Golden Age.’

The Tenth Avatar of Vishnu

I was able to watch this person perform all sorts of miracles. He healed the blind and made people who could not speak talk again. From that moment onward, I began extensive research on this great god and have produced many videos on him which I encourage you to watch.

Divine Intervention

When you look at gods and goddesses in other religions, miracles are features which run throughout. It is only through miracles that the world can change.

People in Christianity think that Jesus will come back to Earth. Buddhists believe that Maitreya will return. In every single religion, people believe their god will return to Earth.

Unity of Religion & Science

God is going to come back to Earth to unify religion and science and thus give an understanding of the super-consciousness which can be experienced by every common being. The Divine will be directly involved in changing people’s mindsets.”

– Dr Pillai


Dr. Pillai invites you to join the second anniversary prayer offerings to Karuppaswamy to be performed at his Rameshwaram family powerspot in India by our expert Vedic priests. Click the button below to learn more and register.

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