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What is Naadi astrology?

Naadi astrology is one of the branches of Vedic astrology. It helps to get an understanding of your soul’s destiny. Nadi Astrology provides forecast through the ‘Divine Seeings’ into your past, present, and future life.

The Nadi astrology readings are classified into chapters that throw insights into various stages of your life and tell the remedies you will have to perform.

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Classification of Nadi Jothidam

It is believed that ancient rishis and sages have chronicled their findings in Nadis. Generally, the Nadis are named after the rishi or sage who originally wrote down the findings. Some Nadis are also named after planets.

Below is a list of important Nadis of the Nadi Astrology

  • Agasthiya Nadi
  • Brahma Nadi
  • Suka Nadi
  • Kaushika Nadi
  • Pulipani Nadi
  • Visvamitra Nadi
  • Bogar Nadi
  • Sukra nadi
  • Shiva Nadi
  • Guru nadi
  • Dhruva nadi

What are Nadi leaves?

Nadi leaves are dried palm leaves that have been cured with special herbs for writing. The Nadi leaves of the Nadi astrology contain written accounts of a person’s life written hundreds of years ago by Siddhas, the enlightened masters in southern India belonging to the Siddha tradition. 

Nadi leaves

Siddhas possessed the ability to see into a person’s past, present, and future, using this power, and they decided to use it to guide people of future generations. They wrote out the fundamental problems a person would face in their life and the apt remedy to be freed from the issues.

The palm leaves used to write Nadi prediction were etched with the Nadi readings first, and then the soot from clay lamp or turmeric was applied over the dry leaf. In addition, oil was also applied to the Nadi leaves to prevent termite attacks.

Where are the Nadi leaves preserved?

The Tanjore King, Maharajah Serfoji II was a patron of the arts and sciences; he preserved these Nadis in his palace library to save them for posterity. These palm leaves passed to the British from the library, who sold them to some Indian families. The Indian families preserve these Nadis to date and train people to read the leaves.

Vaitheeswaran Koil is a Shiva temple located in Tamil Nadu, South India. The town is also known as Vaitheeswaran Koil. It is the seat of the Nadi tradition of astrology. The Nadi readers of AstroVed are from this area and are guided by Dr. Pillai. 

Do I have a Nadi?

Not everyone will have a Nadi leaf, and there is so much bogus happening in the name of Nadi astrology. Not every Nadi is comprehensive or genuine. There are fake Nadi leaves and fake Nadi astrologers. Therefore, it is essential to be cautious about Nadi’s source.

Dr.Pillai and Nadi Astrology

Dr. Pillai has devoted 20+ years to collect the most original Nadis and the most reliable readers. He recommends starting the Nadi search with a Shiva Nadi as it is considered to be the supreme of the Nadis, other Nadis usually give predictions spanning every five years or so but Shiva Nadis give unusually detailed predictions.

If your leaf is not available with Shiva Nadi, we will search the Nadi leaves of illustrious saints, such as Visvamitra, Bogar, and Pulipani.

To find your Nadi, the reader will search big piles of stored Nadis and he will filter down the leaves using your ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers to the series of questions, your thumbprint, plus other criteria to guide him. Once found, the reader transcribes the Siddha’s ancient Tamil words into a notebook translated into English.

There are three ways to find your Nadi. First, you can listen to your Nadi reading as you sit personally before the reader and answer his questions with ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Or, you can have your Nadi reading done through the mail. Now, you can connect with the Nadi reader via remote live video conferencing (SKYPE).

Once your Nadi is found, we will mail you a copy of the reading along with explanations of your remedies.

Nadi reading and remedies

Once you know about your life through the Nadi Astrology reading, it is important to perform its prescribed remedies. Dr.Pillai, in his videos, has explained the importance of performing these remedies.

Nadi remedies are performed at our sister organization, AstroVed; There are two ways you can complete performing your remedies, in person or through proxy.

You can perform the remedy yourself in the first option as it is a powerful way to dissolve your karma. The second option is to do the remedies via proxy. This option is preferable if a person cannot perform the remedies in person due to unavoidable circumstances. 

Our team of knowledgeable and eligible people chosen by Dr. Pillai will perform remedies on your behalf. The remedies will be performed at AstroVed Homa Center exactly as your Nadi reading prescribes.

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