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Dr. Pillai: “Enlightenment is knowing our true self. Our true self is unlimited light. 

We have the ability to do everything 

But even for a few minutes, if you begin to think like that and detach your thoughts from your body, mind, and ego, you will experience a pure nothingness.

But then what makes us get lost is a desire, a desire to show off, desire to express your ego. Everybody has this desire to show off, “I know better than you. What do you know, you just listen to me, and I do not want to listen to you,” everybody says that, however stupid that person is, he also thinks that he knows better than anybody else. He wants to show off.

When I put this on, I was wearing a white shirt, then I thought I was going to wear this blue jacket, and I asked myself, ‘Why am I doing this? I wanted to show off. The thought then came to me, ‘What is wrong in showing off? That is our nature. Endlessly, you can go on debating, but end up in only one thing: to show off.

Everybody wants to show off. Somebody wants to become a millionaire or billionaire because he wants to show off more than what is more important in life. 

What is more important in life is to show off that you are God 

We cannot avoid showing off. You cannot; ego is to show off at the level of the mind or at the level of the body – you want to be slim. Nobody wants to have all knowingness.

But anyway, in my teaching on February 4, I will talk about it as part of how you can while still sitting here, within seconds, not attach yourself to your body or mind but instead attach to nothingness. Nothingness is everything. 

Then thought manifestations will happen 

But you are not going to lose your ability to manifest if all you want to manifest is a lot of money. That is to give it to the people who are suffering.”

One of Dr. Pillai’s 2023 Birthday Themes is Enlightenment 

Enlightenment is supreme Intelligence. Learn how to go beyond the mind and realize your true essence as Light in a Live Enlightenment Initiation with Dr. Pillai as part of his birthday celebration. 

Watch Replay of Dr. Pillai’s Message on His Birthstar Birthday Where He Goes More In Depth About Enlightenment

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