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Dr. Pillai: “Life on this Earth plane has more challenges than goodies. There are health challenges, relationship challenges, and above all, financial challenges. Where do these challenges originate? They originate in our genes.

We have been used to thinking that genes are responsible for our body, diseases, and intelligence, but the genes are also responsible for our financial problems. That seems to be not acceptable. How is my father responsible for my finances? Another easy way to answer the question is: if you were born in a family of a billionaire, you do not have any financial problems, or born in the royal family in the UK, you have no problems. The financial problems are also related to the family in which you are born. I would go one step further and tell you that they are related to your genes.

That is one of my main teachings on this Earth plane: to take care of problems, in health, financial, and relationships. One powerful technology to take care of these issues is feeding our ancestors who passed away, including our father, grandfather, grandfather’s grandfather, and everybody in the family tree of the father and mother.

When I say that you inherited the genes from your father’s and mother’s side, we have no problem, we are accepting that. When I say the financial problem is from your father and mother, even a relationship problem, it is typical, but if I just explain it to you, you will accept it. 

Your genes are responsible for your diseases 

For instance, my father had diabetes and I have diabetes. Then I just controlled it. My brothers also inherited it, but they did not control it. That is the difference. Not only do you inherit the diseases, but you also inherited their thought patterns. Where do the thought patterns originate from? It is not that just your brain thinks, your genes think as well. Where are the genes coming from? From your ancestors, your father or mother, and from their father and mother. There is the whole family tree passing on financial problems. I presented it as a science, and that science was called ‘Soul Genetics.’

You have not only inherited biological genes, but also soul genes

I coined the words “Soul Genes” and “Soul Genetics.” Your soul is responsible for all kinds of problems, almost all of them – physical, mental, and behavioral, everything – because the soul is responsible. It is an energy for your body, for your mind, and for everything.

When you have inherited this soul from your father’s side and mother’s side, you have inherited their thought patterns, too 

If they were afflicted with financial problems, they passed it on to you. Once you inherit that, then you are thinking their thoughts. That is why I say your thoughts are not strictly your thoughts, they are your father’s thoughts, your mother’s thoughts, your grandparents’ thoughts, and your great-great grandparent’s thoughts.

How do you get rid of them? There is you, as an individual, thinking thoughts. You have the ability to decide whether to accept a thought or a disease or not, just as I had to tell the diabetes, “No, stop it.” 

Similarly, you can turn to your thought pattern and then tell them, “Hey, this is not going to work for me. These thoughts of poverty are not mine.” That is one thing that you have to do on a conscious level. That is not enough. This is where the Soul Genetics is very important to understand that the departed souls of your father, mother and grandparents, are on their journey to what is called the world of the ancestors, the galaxy of ancestors, which is under the control of Rishis, Vishnu Loka. It is very difficult for them to move on because they are really struggling to move forward, and you are the one who can help them. 

Why do you have to help them? Because if you help them move forward to liberation, they will be liberated, and their liberation is also your liberation, your thoughts, poverty thoughts, relationship problems, all the other problems you have will vanish. That is why soul genetics has a technology which is the Tarpanam technology. The Tarpanam technology is feeding the ancestors with sesame seeds, rice grains, and a special grass called Darbha grass. 

These ancestors come here on every New Moon day to visit with their descendants 

What they expect is for you to feed them. It is not in respect to feeding. It is just a few grains of black sesame seed, rice, some Tulsi leaves, and some sandalwood powder with darbha grass. It is a complete technology. I can talk a lot about Tulsi leaves and sesame seeds. The sesame seeds are incredibly powerful; they have Atomic Energy, and the sandalwood also carries Divine energy of the space. 

For you, it could be very simple to collect all these things. They are not very difficult to collect. You can buy them from Indian stores and do it yourself. Just place all of them on your palms, pour water, and invite your ancestors. Then say “Accept my offers from both the father’s and mother’s side.” Please do that. 

For 14 days, all of your ancestors are here on this Earth plane 

They need to be given food. That will enable them to pass quickly through the hurdles, whatever they are facing. As I said, they will be liberated. As they get liberated, you will be liberated, as will your relationship problems, your financial problems, etc. All of these are due to this. It is a very powerful one. This belief is pan-Asian, also in other countries, too. Particularly in Japan, China, India—in all these countries, ancestor worship is very important. 

That is the easiest way to take care of your multiple problems 

Not only that, but also your health gets better. You can see the changes taking place. To deal with a problem only on a psychological, mental, intellectual levels will not be as powerful as going to the roots, which are our souls, where they originated; just as your disease originated from your parents and grandparents, your thoughts originated from them, and you have to get rid of these negative thoughts and do that. 

The other Yogis used to take special preparation herbs. They use it during the time of Mahalaya. This is a very auspicious time 

The most important thing for anyone in this lifetime is relieve the suffering of the other person

Of course this includes yourself, too. If you do something to relieve the suffering of other people, you do not have to give them money, or food, or clothes, or anything. Just talk to them, comfort them, take them to the temple or the church, or a synagogue wherever.

If we can financially help them, that is great. But If you can not, do not worry about it. At least do whatever you can do. Then you will get the blessings of Gods, Goddesses, and your ancestors. You also help your ancestors because whatever happens to you, happens to your ancestors’ souls and whatever happens to your ancestors’ soul happens to you. That is the bottom line. 

Benefits of Showing Compassion To Your Ancestors and to Those In Need

You will feel elevated. There will be so much joy that will come out of any act of compassion that will not only help you, but also your family and offsprings. That is why feeding is very important, including feeding the poor. This is the time that you should donate money for various feeding activities, especially those who are very hungry. 

You will feel that you are in a different state of mind right after doing that. God will shower infinite blessings on you when you feed people. You can do this act of kindness throughout the 15 days or 14 days of the special ancestor program.

It is not that you have to feed only once a year, you should do it at least every Amavasya, which is the New Moon day. I advise people, do it every day. Keep the rice and sesame seeds and offer it anywhere.

Soul Genetics is a very important science and technology. Relieving the pain of other people is the most important thing. 

To summarize, financial problems are not due to poverty thoughts, health problems, relationship problems, or creating an environment around you. They can be related to your genes, and your genes can be related to your parents.Your parents’ thoughts or your thoughts are not good. We have to get rid of them. So take  advantage of this time. Now that I have talked about Tarpanam a lot, there are so many videos, which you can also listen to that I have done over a period of at least 15 to 20 years. God Bless.”

How To Perform Tarpanam 

1. Place a tablespoon of black sesame seeds, white rice flower, a coin (nickel or dime) and a few small pieces of Dharba grass into the palm of your right hand.

2.Take a glass of water and sprinkle a few drops over the offerings.

3. Make a heartfelt prayer to your ancestors as you pour water over your hand and say, “I invite you to take this offering, 6 generations of ancestors on my mother’s side and 6 generations of ancestors on my father’s side. Take this energy. Be healed, be at peace, cross into the light, and please don’t forget to bless me.”

If you wish, you may name those family members that have passed on. Also, as you keep doing this ritual, in time you may increase up to 12 generations on each side.

4. Pour the rest of the water over your right hand and let the offerings wash off completely. (You may reuse the coin. Just rinse it off in water each time.)

(Note: Some people keep a container in the bathroom with this mixture and do Tarpanam daily during their morning shower and rinse off the mix while in the shower. Dr. Pillai has said this is okay. Perform anytime between sunrise to sunset. It is suggested to not perform Tarpanam during non-daylight time.)

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