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Mahalaya Tarpanam Ritual

Dr. Pillai: “The Mahalaya Festival is a very special time. Whatever problem that you want to fix, whether it is a relationship, money, or any other problem, you can fix it during this fortnight. 

There Is a Galaxy Called ‘Pitruloka’ [A Galaxy With Souls of the Ancestors]. This Galaxy Is Ruled by Vishnu

Vishnu is the one God who is responsible for making your ancestors evolve, and help them get rid of their sins. Your life is not in your hands, however hard you may work. 

If it is not in your hand, then whose hands? It is in the hands of a couple of things, the planets, and the ancestors. 

Vishnu is ultimately the one who is going to bless the ancestors because it is his duty to do that. That is his job. His job is to take care of these ancestors, and you are connected to the ancestors by your soul. Your soul and your ancestor’s souls belong to the same family. 

Whatever You Think Is Controlled by Your Ancestors Through What Is Called ‘Soul Genetics’

You do not only inherit biological genes, but also spiritual soul genes.

The gene connection is still there. Whatever you do to fix your ancestors is going to fix you also, because you are not only thinking your thoughts, but also the ancestors are thinking through you.

This is a great science. How do you know it works?

It is only through personal experience. You will tremendously be relieved, psychologically, biologically, socially by participating in this ritual. That may appear to be superstition for people who always want to go by the materialistic model based on rationality, but from my own experience and from the experience of the yogis and rishis, the only effective way is to do this ritual called Tarpanam during this time. 

The days of Mahalaya are very important. And if you miss this, you have to wait for another year. 

This time of the year, 15 days of Waning Moon phases, is the most important time for you to cleanse your consciousness, your soul, and your body. A lot of things will happen during this time since we are not aware of other things other than what is visible to our senses. We do not have access to that.

When you do these practices, yourself or through a priest, this is the offering or feeding of the ancestors that can make a difference in all areas of your life. There are days that are important. 

September 14, 2022 [North America timing] is a special day because the Moon will be in a star called Bharani. This Bharani star is a very important star that can help you remove problems and please the ancestors. 

The Moon keeps on moving very quickly through other stars. 

You may want to do the Tarpanam or feeding ritual during daylight hours in your local area, and I recommend that you do what is called Maha Tarpanam, a ritual done by the priests.

‘Maha Tarpanam’ Means the Great Feeding or the Great Sacrifice That You Will Do to Propitiate the Ancestors

The difference between a group Tarpanam or individual Tarpanam, and Maha Tarpanam or the Great Tarpanam is that it is done over a period of 10 days, so the priests follow through the rituals. That is why it involves 10 days of work for the priest, but that is very involved. 

This science is not only applicable for India. It is applicable for everyone. The Chinese figured it out independently. The Japanese figured it out independently about dealing with the ancestors’ spirits, because the ancestors’ spirit is also your spirit. 

You Are Connected by the Soul and That Really Governs Everything

This is a spiritual science that can help a lot besides astrology where the planets are involved. 

The ancestors and planets are controlling your destiny, and both of them simultaneously happen now. That is why taking advantage of this time is really a prudent thing that everyone should do. 

Tarpanam is done by a lot of priests, but most priests are not knowledgeable. I have a priest, who heads this operation in Kerala, a man who is selfless and thinks that God created him just to help people do that. He makes sure that everything is done perfectly, and he is not polluted by money or fame. He does not have an ego. He looks at it as an opportunity to help people. 

I am very happy that he came to me, and he is in charge and everything is done properly. 

What is being done is done in a sacred spot dedicated to Vishnu because Vishnu is in charge of the ancestors and their liberation. This is done in a sacred spot for Vishnu on a riverfront. That is very important. Some of the ingredients used for this ritual are black sesame seeds. These black sesame seeds came out of the body of Vishnu.

Sesame Seeds Have a Tremendous Amount of Power to Remove Karma

They came out of the body of Vishnu, and there is this plant tulsi. The tulsi plant is sacred for Vishnu also. The plant came out of Vrinda, a woman who is also considered an incarnation of Lakshmi sometimes.

We use sesame seeds, the tulsi plant and sandalwood. Sandalwood is a tree that came from the heavens. Who became the trees? The angels became the sandalwood trees. 

They use primarily these sesame seeds, tulsi, and sandalwood along with water and rice. These are all being offered to the ancestors, and the ancestors are accessed through the darbha grass, a particular grass that is capable of bringing the ancestors into the world and into the place where the offerings are given to them.

This is technology, and I want you to participate and get rid of the problem, or whatever problems you have. 

Make use of this opportunity. Thank you!

God Bless!”

Ancestor Blessings Live Events In Celebration of Mahalaya

Mahalaya Daily Ancestor Offerings 16-Day Series

Perform Tarpanam According to the Moon Phase

September 10-25 at 9 am PT | 4 pm UTC

Join us on the Pillai Center Practice YouTube channel during each day of Mahalaya, beginning September 10, for free sessions to learn how to perform Tarpanam (ancestor offerings) according to each Moon phase.


Two Mahalaya Webinars with Pillai Center Teacher Lakshmi

Live Ancestor Educational Series

How Ancestors Shape Your Thoughts & Give Blessings

September 11 at 9 am PT | 4 pm UTC

Pillai Center teacher Lakshmi will share Dr. Pillai’s message on how your ancestors shape your thoughts and how to gain their blessings. This will take place on the Pillai Center Practice YouTube channel.


Heal Ancestral Karma

September 11 at 11 am PT | 6 pm UTC

The second webinar of the day will focus on how to heal ancestral karma to receive their blessings, and will be hosted on the Shreem Brzee YouTube channel.



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