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Dr. Pillai recently prerecorded part 1 of his new Mini Mystery School Program.

Want a sneak peek?

Read below for some excerpts about what he’ll be sharing. But before you do, please click below to mark your calendar for this show (if you haven’t already).



Mini Mystery School Part 1 Sneak Peek

“These are not just mundane steps; they all belong to the mystery side. If you follow these things, you don’t need to have anything else.” ~ Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai touches on several Mystery Teachings such as:

1. Removing Karmic Influences & Bypassing Time

Dr. Pillai teaches a brand meditation technique to still the mind and enter into the “quantum reality/NOW” where you can create an alternate reality.

“From this state you can create anything you want.” 

2. Dream Technology

Dr. Pillai reveals how you can use your dreams to create a new reality.

“There is a way to dream, dreaming is a technology.” 

3. Control the Planets

Dr. Pillai gives guidance on how to find your planetary influences controlling your job.

“This is a very important topic. The planets play a very important role.”

4. Use Ancestral Help

Dr. Pillai teaches ancestral technology to clear your soul genetics from negative karmic influences, and help your ancestors move to a higher plane for a karmic transformation.

It’s something like sympathetic magic.”

5. Divine Help

Dr. Pillai teaches the importance of having God on your side, and gives a technique to develop a contact with a God or Master. Additionally, using Shreem Brzee.

“If you have God on your side, you don’t need anything.”

The webcast will be aired on November 11th at 9am PST/4pm UTC. We hope to “see” you there. Mark your calendar!

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