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Venus happy


By now you may be aware that we are living in exceptionally spiritual times, recently matched by equally exceptional planetary transits.

The reason is that we are in the beginnings of the Golden Age and we are also witnessing a zodiac unlike anything we have seen in the last 60 years. In fact, six planets are placed in their position of strength or exaltation until September 16th.

But the news changes for one planet—Venus.

Even those who have a passing knowledge of astrology know that Venus brings the fun things of life—in fact much of the happiness on our material plane of existence is due to the influence of this white planet.

Venus is a male planet in Vedic astrology and when he is well placed you will know it—your finances will be abundant, your physical aspect will radiate beauty, your charms will attract people, your speech will be sweet and your demeanor affable. Not only that, but you’ll live in lovely surroundings, will enjoy romance and will often own a luxury car.

Conversely when Venus is not well placed, whether in a transit or in a personal chart, happiness goes missing, sadness and lack of social interactions can make life on Earth lonely and unpleasant. We may also forget how to be well groomed and dress in colors that are unbecoming to our appearance.

So, Venus is currently in the sign owned by the Sun—here charm gives way to royalty. We could now become proud and may demand attention, losing our attractiveness. And on September 24th, after leaving Leo, Venus will enter the sign of debilitation, thus becoming even weaker and downright uncomfortable.

So below are some guidelines to make sure that Venus will grant you some special grace, adding boons to the already beneficial astrological influence of the other planets.

Be charitable towards women. One sure way to improve our karmic score with any planet is charity—and Venus is no exception. So choose a favorite women’s charity and donate some money, or give financial help to little girls for their education. You can also sponsor an art program for underprivileged students.

Dress in pristine clothes. Clean, new, unwrinkled clothes are the favorites of Lakshmi, the Goddess who is Venus’ overlord. This planet rules both fashion and clothing so make sure you are not stepping out in your old and well-worn garments.

Wear soft colors. Silk or cotton clothes in white, pink or pastel colors also please Lakshmi. For women, even a scarf in those colors will vibrate at the frequencies of this planet’s rays, whereas men can carry a clean white or pastel handkerchief.

Do a simple ritual. A puja, as it’s called, to the planet of love will bring you his favors. Take a shower, offer white or pink flowers, sweets and fruit to an image of Venus and Lakshmi. If you don’t have access to a statue or photo of them, visualize a man dressed in white robes and a beautiful Goddess sitting on a pink lotus flower. Appeal to them in their special sound vibrations:

* OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA (108 or 27 times – for Venus).

* OM SHREEM LAKSHMI NAMAHA (108 or 27 times – for Lakshmi). Now, in your own words you can ask for help in the Venus-ruled areas. Be sincere and polite. Thank both the Goddess and Venus.

Enjoy the energies!



Lalitha Devi-sm



by Lalitha Devi



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