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Swarna Bhairava

Beth: “I am so happy to bring financial opportunities to people with Dr. Pillai’s blessings. I have had a deep connection to Bhairava for 17 years; the Lord is my primary God who has taught me how to engage, relate and cherish the love of an exquisite, unseen energy, Bhairava.  

Dr. Pillai blessed me to have a soulful relationship with Bhairava

He came to me in 2005, quite unexpectedly. He easily traverses dimensions to reach out to his devotees and fulfills your prayers fast when they are from the heart. The gold-attracting form of Bhairava is so easy to love, his presence is palpable and his compassion is overwhelming. 

Once you establish a relationship with him, my experience has been that if you have a problem, or even a crisis, He takes care of it without you having to ask. He is a great protector and can protect your time, money, health, and relationships.

His mantra, Swarna Akashana Bhairava, is the gateway to communing with Him

I am excited to call on Him in the fire lab for you to develop an intimate relationship with Him and for Him to hear your prayers. He is fiery so I feel this will be a very passionate experience and you could be helped greatly by his gold-giving generosity.” 

Gold-Bestowing Fire Lab

Beth has been blessed by Dr. Pillai to channel her special connection with Swarna Akarshana Bhairava to host powerful Fire Labs for divine intervention.   

During this complimentary ritual, Beth will engage her deep relationship and communication abilities with Swarna Bhairava, the gold-giving form of Shiva, to petition him to provide his generous blessings of wealth, protection, removal of limitations and fear, and time-space acceleration to help you reach your financial-related goals.

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