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According to Dr. Pillai, the way to end suffering is to invoke the help of three powerful Goddesses: Angali, Brzee and Varahi. We can do this through a process called channeling. 

Channeling allows us to transport the mind to a different realm of reality—one where we are all capable of reaching an altered state of consciousness.

Angali  – The Goddess of Supernormal Powers and Wisdom

When a negative situation becomes a permanent part of life, divine intervention may be the only way of removing the suffering involved. If you lack money, a good relationship or optimum health, the compassionate energy of Goddess Angali is said to play a very important role. With her divine consciousness, we can put an end to problems that we have been unable to resolve by ourselves.

Angali is able to perform miracles; she is the Miracle Goddess. The last thing Jesus said in his lifetime was that he wanted everyone to be able to perform miracles. To experience a miracle we must learn to channel. Dr Pillai says: “Through channeling you can attain Siddhi powers or miraculous consciousness. We have been given this ability, everyone has it”. 

God is both form and formless. There is an advanced technology behind his image. Since we cannot see God, an image draws us closer. This representation enables us to experience and be with him all the time. That is why it is important to look at an image of Angali, the Mother Divine. She is an educator and a form of Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning. She has the power to make us all-powerful and all-knowing’ and is considered the ultimate expression of compassion – the Mother of All.

Connect With the Goddess in Person

Dr. Pillai was divinely guided to create a life-size statue of Angali at his prayer center in India. The statue was brought to life using Siddha technology called Prana Prathista (life-force consecration) during a special New Moon in 2019 called Aadi Amavasya. The statue is now alive – it acts as a body for Angali. During his 71st Birthday Celebrations, worshippers are invited to come and receive not only her blessings but the blessings of all the other goddesses.

The Power of the Goddess Brzee – the Wealth Mantra

It is very difficult for people to lift themselves out of poverty. It is possible but very hard, unless a miracle takes place. This same dilemma plagued the benevolent emperor, Vishwamitra. He knew that as a king it was impossible to give everyone a life of abundance so he asked God for help and sought a miracle. The miracle came in the form of a mantra which was passed to Dr. Pillai. It can give both material and spiritual wealth. The sound is ‘Brzee’ which he took as his name on the request of Sage Vishwamitra.

Connect to Successful Vibrations

Twelve hundred years of meditative power is packed into this sound which has the capacity to uplift humanity. Dr Pillai says: “Whenever you are in trouble, just say the sound ‘Brzee’ a few times. You will find an answer. If you have a problem, say the word – it will help to accomplish a lot of things and will open doors that cannot be opened with the limited power of the human mind

Varahi – The Goddess of Power

Dr. Pillai refers to Varahi as ‘the Holy Ghost for the contemporary period’. By looking at her image, the unconscious mind can resonate with her energy. He says: “The goddess does not want to wait. She is a performing goddess. She performs in days and weeks, sometimes months depending on what you want. But you should have faith in her and faith in believing that you can make heaven on earth”.

One way to practice channeling the goddess is to call her name – ‘Varahi”. The first syllable – ‘Va’ means ‘Come’. Dr. Pilai says: “Once she gets into your body, everything becomes easier to manifest. Call out to her using the phrase “Varahi Va, Va”. It is said that when you channel a God or Goddess you become God and lose your consciousness.

Listen to Varahi’s chants. There are many to choose from on YouTube. When you play her chants and mantras you keep her alive in your consciousness.

Through Channeling You Can Achieve Miracles

Channeling one or all three of the Goddesses can help to troubleshoot areas of your life that are impossible to resolve single-handed. The goddess trinity, Angali, Brzee and goddess varahi miracles are equipped with the power to create remedies and maximize your future potential. 

Meet these Divine beings during Dr. Pillai’s 2020 Birthday trip or connect with their images, mantras and meditations. For a faster way to communicate with all three goddesses, please visit the following link: https://pillaicenter.lpages.co/goddess-trinity-chant/

God Bless,



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