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Secrets of Maha Navaratri: Fall Nine Nights of the Goddess

and its Connection to Goddess Durga



The Greatest of 4 Annual Navaratris


According to scriptures, there are 4 different Navaratris, or Nine Nights of the Goddess, throughout the year. Of them, Maha Navaratri, the upcoming Nine Nights of the Goddess that occurs in the season, Fall, is the most important. It is also known as Sharada Navaratri. The Goddess Durga plays a central role in these Nine Nights.


secrets of maha navaratri


The Connection to Goddess Durga

And the Significance of Durgashtami


According to the Goddess Tradition, Maha Navaratri celebrates the manifestation of Goddess Durga and her victory over the demon Mahishasura, the Buffalo Demon. This demon is said to have performed extreme penance and earned a powerful boon from God that he could only be killed by a female warrior. After vanquishing the Gods and wreaking havoc, something profound happened. 

All the Gods were said to have combined the sum total of their power simultaneously in a powerful supernova-type event. Emerging from the intense light was Goddess Durga in all her glory, armed with numerous weapons and riding a lion. Shortly after, she waged war against the unsuspecting Buffalo demon. It was on the eighth day, also known as Durgashtami, that the battle was said to have reached a climax with Durga’s killing of this demon and his key cohorts.


secrets of maha navaratri


Learn More in Dr. Pillai’s Revelatory Webinar Replay


This year, Dr. Pillai has been Divinely inspired to give an empowerment he has never given before — a rare Durgashtami initiation. He recently hosted a webinar in which he shed more light on Durgashtami, the secrets of Maha Navaratri, his plans for the initiation, and several other forms of the Goddess who he has identified as being active during the upcoming Navaratri. 





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