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Soul Genetics Tarpanam

“If there is one technology that I think that will help everyone across the board in an almost guaranteed way, if it is done properly and regularly, is Tarpanam. Just as you inherit biological genes, you also inherit soul genes. You are not thinking your thoughts.

You are thinking the thoughts of your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, or your soul in another lifetime. All of them are linked. You are not just living one soul. All your ancestors are represented within your soul.

-Dr. Pillai

What are Soul Genetics | 6 Facts about Soul Genetics

Soul Genetics is a term Dr. Pillai coined to explain the profound link that exists between your soul and the souls of your ancestors. 

Here are 6 facts about Soul Genetics: 

1. You inherited your soul along with your physiological genes. 

2. Even your thoughts come from and are affected by ancestors.

3. Ancestors help if they are in light & harm if they are not in peace.

4. Care for ancestors brings blessings in all areas of life 

5. Not only does your brain think, but your genes think as well 

6. Just as your body is affected by your genes, your soul is also 

Basic Tarpanam Practice 

Performing the following Ancestral Ritual can appease your ancestors and invoke their blessings.

Dr. Pillai recommends doing it during New Moon days, every morning, or any time before sunset. 

What You Will Need To Perform Tarpanam 

You will need the following items to perform the Tarpanam offering:

  • Glass of water
  • Raw rice or white rice flour 
  • Black sesame seeds (found at health or Indian food stores)
  • 1 coin (dime, rupee, peso, etc. or a gold coin if available)
  • Optional: Dharba grass (if available)


1. Place a tablespoon of sesame seeds, rice, your coin, and a few small pieces of dharba grass onto the palm of your RIGHT hand. Take a glass of water and sprinkle a few drops over the offerings.

2. Make a heartfelt prayer to your ancestors as you pour some water over the mixture in your hand and say: 

I invite six generations of ancestors on my father’s side and six generations on my mother’s side to take this offering. Please accept this Tarpanam and be at peace, be healed, cross over into the Light, and please bless me.” 

3. Pour the rest of the water over your right hand and let the offerings wash off completely. (The coin may be reused after being rinsed off.)

4. Make this offering to your ancestors from your heart, with love and gratitude. 

3 Ways to Participate in Tarpanam (ancestral rituals for karmic healing and blessings) 

Use this guide or the quick guide above to perform Tarpanam at home during daylight hours in your area (especially powerful on the New Moon).

Have trained specialists in India perform Tarpanam for you in a year-long Tarpanam program for immediate and lasting relief or Thai Amavasya Tarpanam on the New Moon January 21st for renewal, health, and prosperity


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