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Spiritual Significance of Mother’s Day

Mother and her importance

Mother has been accorded great importance in all civilizations. Particularly in India the Mother and her role were highly revered by Hindu religious scriptures and the preceptors. It is said that a person should thank and respect four things for his existence. The four things are, Mata – his/her Mother, Pita – his/her Father, Guru – his/her teacher and Deivam – the God. It is interesting to note that Mata – the mother has been named first of the four.

History of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is observed every year on the second Sunday in May. Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia celebrated the first Mother’s day in the year 1908. On the 12th of May 1998, Anna held a memorial for her late mother in the church of Grafton, West Virginia. On the first Mother’s day, Anna Jarvis wore all white carination but with passing of time people started wearing red or pink carnations to represent a living mother and white carnations for a mother who was dead.

Mother’s Day ceremonies at Pillai Center

On May 8, Pillai Center will perform a special suite of services dedicated to honoring the maternal bond and its powerful impact on your life. Express your love and respect for your Mother on this particular day by gifting her an opportunity to participate in our special services, which include a Grand Fire Lab and Chanting to Wisdom Goddess- Raja Shyamala, Powerspot Poojas to Goddess of Power and Prosperity- Mangalambika, and an ancestral blessing ritual to enrich her life, enhance her abilities, and invoke Divine blessings for peace, progress, and prosperity.

Special Fire Lab and Chanting Invoking the Goddess of Knowledge, Youthfulness, & Beauty – Raja Shyamala

According to the sacred hymn Lalita Sahasranama, Goddess Shyamala emerged from the intellect of Supreme Goddess Lalita and was given the position of Mantrini Devi (Prime Minister of Lalita’s Court). Raja Shyamala is the tantric form of Goddess Saraswati and the archetype that governs wisdom, arts, speech, supernatural powers, inner knowledge, and discernment. Her sacred hymn, Shyamala Dhandakam, written by the great poet Kalidasa, extols her great beauty, Divine attributes, and powers which can fulfill the wishes of all those who seek her.

Give your mother or maternal figure a spiritual Mother’s Day gift of participating in this sacred Fire Lab to invoke the Divine blessings of Goddess Raja Shyamala for the power to manifest dreams, enhance creative skills, amplify intellect and intuition, and inspire her to be the best version of herself.

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The Combined Benefits of Shyamala Dhandakam Chanting & Raja Shyamala Fire Lab

According to sacred texts, invoking Goddess Raja Shyamala in a Fire Lab along with chanting her sacred hymn can bestow the following blessings:

  1. Awards command over speech, creativity, and knowledge
  2. Strengthens the bond with your life partner
  3. Enhances physical beauty, creativity, and harmony
  4. Helps enjoy a trouble-free life
  5. Bestows immense wealth and power
  6. Nullifies the influence of negative forces on your family
  7. Grants the ability to tackle even the most demanding tasks

Get ready to celebrate Mother’s day on the 8th of May 2022. Thank her and pray for her health and well-being.

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