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Dr. Pillai: I am extremely delighted to do this “30 Days and 3 Minutes Challenge” to tap into your unconscious, or the subconscious. Let me be very clear in defining these terms. I am not going to be too academic; I am primarily using the term subconscious mind.

The Subconscious Mind = The God Mind

The subconscious… What do I mean by the subconscious mind? Simply it’s the God Mind, and if you have the God Mind, then you have everything in your life.

When you have the human mind subjected to all kinds of doubts, skepticism, rationality, you will be left behind, and be in suffering forever. So instead of going into definitions of subconscious, or unconscious mind, let me give examples, because examples and stories carry great significance, and also go deep into your subconscious mind.

Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and the God Mind

Let’s talk about Zuckerberg, the guy who started Facebook. He was having trouble with his business, and then he went to his mentor, Steve Jobs (I’m going to talk about him too) and said: “What do I do?” Steve Jobs told him, “You go to a Temple in India.”  If you want to know more information you can go to Google and then find out. And he went to the Temple. And who told him? Steve Jobs.

Neem Karoli Baba Lived the God Mind

What is in the Temple? The Temple in India was associated with a guy who lived the God Mind, or the subconscious mind. What’s his name? Neem Karoli Baba. This Baba was attracted by many Harvard scientists who went to study with him, and that’s why Steve Jobs got to go to see him. Unfortunately by the time Steve Jobs had gone there Neem Karoli Baba had passed away.

Now why do your go to these people? Because these people live the subconscious mind, the God Mind.

Steve Jobs Received Brain Training in India that is Not Available in the West

Now Steve Jobs gives an illustration in his biography, the white book, of what happened to him in India. He went there, Neem Karoli Baba was dead, and he was going to look for other Gurus, and then to the Himalayas. And he writes in this book, that what he learned in India was something that is not available in the West as far as brain training is concerned. So he got the subconscious mind training there, which is timeless, and also instantaneous, and much more rewarding than our intellectual mind which asks the questions: ”How, Why, Where, What, When.”

Where is the Subconscious Mind?

So where is this subconscious mind? It is buried deep into the conscious mind. You have to transcend the conscious mind in order to get to the subconscious mind. I’ll give you training, and I know I said 3 Minutes. It’s going to be a little more time in every session.

Nikola Tesla and the Subconscious (God) Mind

Now, the next example is Nikola Tesla. And Tesla for some reason is now emerging into the consciousness of the world. He had 700 patents, and he lived the subconscious mind. When he was a boy, as soon as he thought about a banana, the banana appeared before him. It was so tangible he even tried to grab it.  Go and read, as I don’t want to spend too much time, I am just highlighting the points that you may want to take into your own research that might be very helpful for you. So the doctors said that he has an incurable disease. What happened was he was living a consciousness where you can think and manifest.  ”Think and manifest” – it is possible, but not by the intellectual mind. It is by the Subconscious God Mind. The moment you think, you can manifest. The Siddhas call it Siddha Sankalpa; with that you can manifest a thought immediately.

Ramanujan – The Man Who Knew Infinity

Now one more example, it’s very relevant that I am talking about this guy today because just in the theaters you see a movie playing called: “The Man Who Knew Infinity.” It is the story of Ramanujan, one of the greatest scientists and mathematicians of the world and he came here to London, and was working with Professor Hardy. Ramanujan knew only answers, not the problems. Hardy was begging him: “How in the world do you come up with the results? We need the steps. You are not giving us the steps.” They put him through regular training and then it was not working. Ramanujan said: “I don’t need any proof; I need to publish this.” And Hardy said: “We need proof, because the West is stuck in the steps. They are not interested in going directly to the effect. They are still in cause, and not in the effect. They have causal consciousness, not the effectual consciousness.” That’s the problem. The subconscious mind doesn’t require any of that. It will directly go into the effect.

Tesla and Effectual Consciousness

That’s what happened to Tesla. He thought everything and then it was tangible to him, including his Tesla Coil. He was chanting Goethe’s Faust, and then he got into a state of mind, and then he found the coil, and the machine.

Everyone Has This Ability

So everybody has the ability to do it. I can go on, and on giving as many examples as possible, even including Einstein.  I think it is enough for you to look at these three examples of Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Ramanujan.

How Can You Live the God Mind?

Now how can you live that? Because you are living only the mind that is always in conflict, and the conflicted mind gives you a lot of suffering. You are not satisfied with your job, you are not satisfied with your body, you are not satisfied with your relationship, and you are not satisfied with many things in life. This is the case for about 97% of the people, if not 100%, but how can you improve?

The only way is to go to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is more reliable. It is from there that you can manifest. Not from the conscious mind. The conscious mind functions in a different way. So how do you do that? Always remember your forehead and above. Keep remembering it. That’s the first step. Start from here which is the spot in between the two eyebrows, and then move up, and keep remembering this. And I want you to start practicing it right away. And I will talk to you tomorrow.

Experience Significant, Measurable Change

And it’s my Intention that within these thirty days, it’s going to be more than 3 minutes, I want you to have significant, measurable change in your mind, and also in your life because I am a very practical man. It’s not just simply a psychological training. It is a life training; it is a life coaching.

Share This Knowledge with Others to Help Change the World

I want you to do one thing. This is my Ultimate Teaching that I want to pass on to people. So get this knowledge to as many people as possible. Facebook can do that, and you can do that.

My Guru used to tell me: “Don’t give donation to people.” And he would put it like this: “Don’t give fish to a person who comes and asks for fish from you. Teach him how to fish. Then he won’t come to you.” And that’s a very, very significant lesson that I received from him.

So when you transfer this knowledge to other people, then you are giving him or her life skills, so that we can change the world so that everybody can manifest, not only the rich people.

God Bless

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