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Dr. Pillai talks about the Vedic origins of the Fire Lab…

technology of fire

The Rig Veda, which is the earliest written document of human spirituality, is basically a fire technology.

Fire defines human life because human beings are warm-blooded animals. We will die without fire. But that is to understand fire in a very, very limited way.

The neurons fire, and then you get intelligence—that’s also fire, electricity. So there is a gross fire with which we have barbeques and cooking, and so forth. Then we have neuronal firing, which I mentioned.

There is also fire within the Planets, and that’s another fire: electricity, light, and heat. Light and heat also could be understood in a very profound, subtle and metaphysical way. And that is contained in this technology of homa, or fire ritual.

I prefer to call the fire ritual a Fire Lab. It’s a laboratory. A fire ritual, or homa, is a laboratory.

What do you do in the laboratory? You contact Fire, the Fire God, to come and bless you with health, and wealth, and ever so many things that you require for human life.

In the Rig Veda, the yogis contacted the Fire God through fire ritual by giving food offerings to various Gods. Fire is a messenger who takes all of these offerings to various Gods.

What’s the benefit?

Once the Gods are fed, then they come and give you whatever you want.

Agnim ile purohitam yajnasya devam ritvijam hotarum ratna dhatamam.

This is how the Rig Veda starts: Hotarum ratna dhatamam: ‘He brings you wealth. He brings you gold’.

Later on in the Rig Veda itself, where do you get money from?

Agnina rayim ashnavat poshameva devam divedive ashasam viravattamam.

It is through Agni that you get money. Gold is real money (not dollar, or pound, or rupees).

How does Agni, the God, create gold? He converts mud, or carbon atoms, into gold atoms with intense heat.

Who knows the technology?

The technology is known to Agni, the God of Fire. He can convert carbon atoms into gold, changing the atomic numbers. This is technology.

Pure Science from the Divine

pure divine science

In our Homa Centers we want to present this tradition of Fire Labs as a science, pure science.

What happens to the person, the priest as soon as he begins to chant the hymns invoking Gods and Goddesses? What happens to the priest’s brain? And also what happens to the brain of the listeners? We can contrast and see how the brain waves change.

What is happening is that you are elevated through visible changes in the brain that put you in a frame of intelligence that enables you to act better and then create more things, and be productive.

Homa is not just a religious activity that the Hindus are involved in, but it is a technology. It is a Fire Technology.

That’s why I call it a Fire Lab, wherein you can go and work with different forms of energy. You can do fire rituals for different Gods and Goddesses, for the Planets, and for whose help you need to fix your life.

If you want to remove obstacles—which everyone needs—we do a fire ritual, or Fire Lab, for Ganesha because he is the one who is going to come and activate your von Economo neurons in the anterior cingulate. He is also the one who is associated with the thalamus; he will activate the thalamus.

Our Fire Lab is a lab where the priest and the clients who sponsor the ritual will both be benefited. It is an exercise to empower both parties to create a learning environment, and in that learning environment you create an energy that also goes beyond where the homa is done. There is a nuclear scientist who has done a lot of work on the dissemination of the radiation of energy that comes out of the homa pit. It goes for miles in certain cases.

You find this knowledge also with Krishna.

Krishna in the Bhaghavad Gita talks about the purpose of a homa when Arjuna asks Krishna, ‘How can I make money very quickly?’ He says, ‘Yes, you can do a Fire Lab, a homa. Then you’ll be able to access these Divine Beings and these Divine Beings will come and bless you with money.

This is the Bhagavad Gita (Karma Yoga Chapter 3) which is in line with the Rig Veda.

– Dr. Pillai

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