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When it comes to Avatars, there is immense power behind the name. Dr. Pillai describes the power in the name of Rama.

indestructible rama

Rama Navami is the birthday of Rama. Navami means the 9th Moon. The 9th Moon is a very important Moon because Rama is born. The reason why we celebrate the birth of avatars, messiahs, is that they represent hope and also the time when we can awaken their energy. Rama is the one that fought for truth all his life. That is the energy that we recall on this day, also the power behind the sound Rama.

It is very strange that the sound RAMA pre-existed the historical or mythological character Rama himself. That`s very strange. How can a sound pre-exist before this man really incarnated?

Within the Indian traditions, the sounds never get destroyed. That is why they are called aksharas. Aksharas means which will not be destroyed and indestructible.

The sound RAMA is indestructible and it is the most powerful of all sounds besides OM.

Sound has so much power. So when recalling the birth of Rama, we also are thinking of liberation of humanity. The sound RAMA can liberate us.

There is also a story: When Hanuman the monkey God was building a bridge to Sri Lanka from Rameshwaram (where I was born), while he was building the bridge he used to lift huge rocks and throw into the sea and the rocks used to float.

How? Because he wrote the name RAMA on the rocks and then they began to float.

Rama became curious himself and he wanted to test if his name had really so much power. He picked up a small rock, relatively small, wrote his name and then threw into the ocean, and the rock went inside. The reason why it went inside was Rama himself did not believe in his own power—the power contained in his name.

So you have to believe in order for the sound to work better. Not that it will not work if you don`t believe; it will still. But you can enhance the power if you believe in it.

The sound RAMA can liberate you. The sound RAMA and KRISHNA, because they are both human avatars are most powerful particularly during this time of Kali Yuga. This is the last teaching of Krishna when he was there 5000 years ago. He said, things are going to get worse in Kali Yuga. People are going to suffer a lot—lack of money, change of weather, terrible diseases, wars and natural calamities. All this is going to increase as we progress through the Kali Yuga.

Krishna said, I`m just going to leave because my avatar is done, so what I`m going to do is give you something that will help you through the Kali Yuga. And then he revealed this mantra: HARE RAMA, HARE KRISHNA, which combines his name and Rama`s name.

– Dr. Pillai

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