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Muruga Vel

Dr. Pillai: “Muruga is a God, and this God comes during this astronomically significant time. If you understand it, you have to look at the Jewish festivals. They are also very cyclical. Judaism and Hinduism were very close to each other, lunar based and solar based. Both of them are not understood in the proper perspective.

What I am going to do for you is to have a mini pilot program of what I have in mind to develop a divine theater, or a ritual theater. It will be a program like a Broadway show because that is my grand imagination. 

When you are there, Muruga will be with you

The negativity that you have, like Maya which is illusion, the senses that are distracting you, genitality – all these things that are so pleasant – eventually we end up losing our own identity and that is very bad, so we have to kill them. That can be enacted in a yearly way or fashion during the six days Muruga incarnates.

I just wanted to teach it in a different way. I dressed up people like Muruga and they had a particular weapon that Muruga used, and that weapon is both external and internal as well, that Vel.

Internally it is the weapon that kills your internal negativity, which is your ignorance, your misunderstandings, your Maya, karma, your ego – all these will be gotten rid of by just one weapon of Muruga which if it is used internally as the representation of the third eye. 

Vel is a representation of the third eye 

This is where your sexual fluid from the Muladhara chakra is, which is the root chakra that will go to the third eye chakra and open it. You have a choice either to send or be on the lowest chakra which is the sex chakra, or lower chakra, sex chakra, and root chakra refers to each other; they are both not useful for enlightenment or understanding your true nature, particularly the sixth chakra. 

You have to move that one and then bring it to the third eye. That is the inner understanding of the Vel.

Externally, there is a narrative. The narrative is what we are going to present. This is what I am going to do on the day. On the last day, when Muruga comes and kills the demon, our three-headed demon with animal heads, the lion’s dead and a couple of other heads, you just go… 

The moment you dress yourself as Muruga and carry the Vel, you get possessed

This is the whole idea of celebrating this time. What is true is astrologically significant time and divinely selected time to get the negativity out. The way to teach it in the 21st century is like this. I am going to have all these things ready.

On that day, I want you to participate in that, then where you become Muruga because if you miss the day, you do not have the coordinates, the cosmic and coordination on the Earth plane. 

I want to give you that experience of becoming God, becoming Muruga

That will be at the program that I will do. That just came to me during this yoga samadhi I had. I can see you again coming back to the negativity. It is really not fair that we should live only in our mind’s consciousness. 

It is not fair that we should be subjected to Maya. You should not be also subjected to the ego. The ego separates our existence from God. You are not John or Linda, or whatever you are called, your name. You are God, you are Muruga.

Muruga’s name is not simply a name. It is a mantra. If we say it one time, it will happen. He will come. He is coming, but we are not able to see and experience it. I will talk about that. In the meantime, I also have a program.

I want this session to be useful to you, too. I have given instructions to Mohini how this should be arranged for six days. I said the term “Muruga” is a mantra. A mantra is like a seed, the seed carries the tree. 

If you have 10 seeds, you have 10 trees in your hand. It is in a miniature form that it will just when you use that mantra explode and give you the divine experience.”

Watch Replay of Dr. Pillai’s Free Live Teaching 

Click the video below to watch the replay of Dr. Pillai’s recent live event to learn how you can receive maximum benefits from this once-a-year celestial powertime called Skanda Shasti. 

Free 6-Day Muruga Immersion Series | Community Meditation and Mantra-Chanting

Engage in the remainder of a variety of immersive meditations and mantras from Dr. Pillai, as well as interactive tips to try at home to help you best experience the karma-clearing rewards of Skanda Shasti. You are welcome to replay the first session if you missed it. 

These experiences can help you achieve a conducive state to invoke Muruga, connect with your higher self, activate your third eye, and experience a deep focus on karma-clearing throughout your chakras.


Day 1 | How to Evolve with Lord Muruga

Oct. 25 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 26 at 1 am UTC | 6:30 am IST


Day 2 | How to Clear Anxiety, Depression, Fear, or Anger with Lord Muruga’s Vel

Oct. 26 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 27 at 1 am UTC | 6:30 am IST


Day 3 | How to Erase Bad Karma with Lord Muruga’s Vel

Oct. 27 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 28 at 1 am UTC | 6:30 am IST


Day 4 | How to Raise Kundalini & Gain Wisdom with Lord Muruga’s Vel

Oct. 28 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 29 at 1 am UTC | 6:30 am IST


Day 5 | How to Stop Mind Chatter & Challenge Death with Lord Muruga’s Grace

Oct. 29 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 30 at 1 am UTC | 6:30 am IST


Day 6 | How Lord Muruga’s FAITH Mantra Bestows Utter Positivity

Oct. 30 at 6 pm PT | Oct. 31 at 1 am UTC | 6:30 am IST




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