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The True Meaning of Easter: Resurrecting Jesus In Your Life


Dr. Pillai: “I have a message for you, and it is an eternal message – a message that will be true not only on Easter Day, but every second, because the resurrection of Christ is not a once-a-year phenomenon. It happened once and is remembered every Easter Day, and that is the tradition. 


Resurrecting Jesus Every Second

The true resurrection of Christ is resurrecting Jesus every second. If you look at the life-giving teachings of Jesus, he sacrificed his body two times: during the communion, which is a symbolic destruction of his body, and the real sacrifice of his body. The symbolic sacrifice is very important. 

In the communion he said ‘This is my body, this is my blood,’ and he was sharing the bread and wine, and that is very key to understanding the communion in the teachings of Jesus, in the life of Jesus as well. Jesus has to be remembered in his subtle, invisible form. It can become visible, but it is not a flesh and blood reality. Even when he [was] resurrected, people did not believe, and even his Apostles were doubting him, “I don’t know if this is Jesus or not, maybe somebody tricked us or what is happening?” They have to really touch the body of Jesus and see ‘Yes, yes, he is real.’ 

Our problem is that we cannot relate to anything unless we touch, feel, and see, and if we cannot do that, then we cannot understand or appreciate it. Today is Easter Day and everybody goes to church, listens to a sermon, and goes back. But do they resurrect Jesus?

You have to resurrect Him every second. Every moment you are resurrecting Him, because of the power. Because Jesus came here for one important teaching, the most important teaching, and that is: With the physical you are not going to accomplish a lot in your life, including with the body of Christ. That is why he said ‘This body has to go.’ Let it go symbolically first in the communion, and let it go on the cross. That is the real meaning of the communion and the crucifixion. 


The True Meaning of The Resurrection & Communion

Communion is a very important ritual. Not many people have understood it in the proper perspective that even if you do it symbolically, that is also real. Even with the symbol of the cross, you can do miracles with the cross. 

On a daily basis, on a second-by-second basis, if you resurrect Jesus then you are able to do all of what Jesus did. Jesus wanted everybody to do that. On the Pentecostal Day, when Jesus had predicted that the Holy Spirit would  come, people were doing miracles. How? Because the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is within you.

Today the largest religion of the world is Christianity, but its followers have not understood  the true meaning of the resurrection and communion. It is to resurrect him,  to make him come alive.

How do you make him come alive? He is alive already. He is alive in his astral form, in his light form. But we are not used to seeing the subtle body, or the light body. We can make an attempt to understand this and visualize him standing by our side. And this is true resurrection. It is not simply going and then socializing in a church. 

You must go to the church because it is the body of Christ, but then you go with a full understanding of making contact with Jesus, having a conversation with Jesus, or getting  healing from Jesus, or getting other blessings from Jesus. He promised that if 3 or 4 people join together and call him by his name, then He will come. That is the true meaning of Easter and the true significance of the resurrection. You can resurrect him within yourself, within your body, mind, and soul. That is the true resurrection of Jesus Christ in your life.”


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