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Siddhi Powers

Dr. Pillai: “The sum total of all intelligence is love. If you have unconditional love, you will be in the moment, you have all these things available. Regardless if you are a billionaire or trillionaire, you are going to have all kinds of things that the body has to undergo, and the mind has undergone, frustrations, and disappointments – all of them are there. 

But that is not the truth. But what is the truth? The first Quantum physicist of recent time, 600 years ago, before Jesus. Who said, “Nothingness is existing.” It is a paradox and nothing else. It does not  exist, but the word exists. 

Nothingness is a feeling where you lose your ego, your Maya, and your senses 

All these things are gone, but what are you left with? Be still and know God. That is the Bible. That is the kind of thing that you have to establish within yourself. We do that all the time. When you go to sleep, it is beautiful. It is a fantastic experience when you go to sleep, oh my God!  

Then in the morning, if you had a good sleep, the morning is so fresh, and you should be able to live that existence of non-existence. With the existence of the mind-existence. 

There are two types of existence: the existence of omniscience and omnipotence

I just introduced this gentleman Sunny Das Gupta to Karuppaswamy. He had developed the Karuppaswamy consciousness. All that he had to do was take his mind out, throw it out, and then put Karuppaswamy in. You can live both of them together. When I gave the talk that this year is going to be consequential, I mentioned how a lot of things are happening that are out of control.

We have gotten to a level of total insensitivity to love, compassion, and that is the reason. We have spent billions of dollars over the period of time in war. We still believe in war not in love, that is a problem.

The year is consequential because there is something that is going to happen. This is already happening, for people to wake up and know our strength as love. 

If you have unconditional love, we will have all Siddhi powers 

If we are trying to become very clever and involved in strategies, what are you going to get?

Maybe you will be successful as a businessman or even a scientist. But you have to go beyond all these things.”

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