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defining demons

Dr. Pillai: “First I have to define the term demons. A lot of people thought, there is nobody who does not mention DNA. Even doctors’ understanding of DNA is very limited. They know only 1.5% of the DNA, the rest of the DNA they do not even know. They call it ‘junk DNA.’ People have a very superficial understanding of any word and that is the problem. 

I am going to spend time in the new Mystery School program on the layers of reality. 

Because I am now involved in creating Quantum Biology, Quantum Medicine. I spend all night and sleep very little when I work on this project. Demons are real. It is a few hours of teaching which I will do and technology that goes along with it. I will do that during the next Mystery School Program. 

Defining The Term ‘Demons’

The moment you hear about demons, you may think ‘Oh! I do not want to or I do not believe in demons.’ If you believe in demons or do not, they are both positions. You take the position that there are no demons. To me that is superstition. What you really need to know is what you mean by demons. Semantics is just semantics. In olden days, Jesus used the words demons and Satan extensively. If somebody came and touched the clothes of Jesus, that was a demon that touched his clothes, and he lost his sacred power. Then he always said that he has been involved in casting out demons, he cast off seven demons from Mary Magdalene that were responsible for her strange behavior. 

You should know about a term, what it is, and if there is some truth to it or not. You have to understand. Whether you believe it or not, as I said it is the same. Belief is one position, disbelief is another position. Both of them are wrong, unless you exercise your discrimination and understand demons are real. 

To whom? Who can see the demons? I was visiting a house. There are demons in the house, I could see that. Other people felt them. Why did they feel so strange? It is because the energy was bad. That is a modern term “The energy is bad.” The demon is an older terminology. Cancer is a demon. If you look at even a cancerous tumor, it will look like a demon, especially a solid tumor. 

You can see it looks like a demon. You can even see the qualms of the demon. That is why there is uncontrollable proliferation of the tumor cells, it is because of the demons. Jesus used his power to cast off demons, and that is the easiest way to get rid of demons. The demons are not only diseases and negative ideas. 

I am just committed to one thing and that is to cast off your negativity 

Poverty is the worst demon. Casting off demons also means casting off your poverty consciousness. There is a book called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” The rich dad says ‘Okay son, do you want to buy a Benz car? Go buy this. This is how you can buy it. If you go to a poor dad possessed by a demon, he would say, ‘Forget about it, be real.’ What is real? Being poor is real. God is not poor. Have you asked this question, is God poor? 

God created man in His own image, not in the image of Demons

Do you know who you are? I do not know. When you say ‘I’, you have to understand who the ‘I is. You are not the same ‘I.’ You have been a baby, then you grew up with your boy or girl. Now you are middle aged or a senior citizen. The ‘Ihas changed. You were foolish when you were a teenager because hormones were defining your ‘I.’ Now the hormones are not there, so you cannot function like how you function. ‘I changed. ‘I does not even exist. 

What exists is God. If you say, ‘I am God’ that to me makes sense. That can solve all your problems. That is literally the truth. God created man in His own image, not in the image of the demons. The demon is the one that is destroying you minute by minute. You have to become aware of it and cast off the demons of negativity, of limitation. Demon is a limitation. That is why the core program, the methodology, and theory of the next Mystery School is to delimit yourself.”

Module V of Mystery School 2022 | Angels and Demons Within and Without

Understanding angels and demons can lead you to a supernatural life of miracles. Scriptures of almost all religions talk about angels and demons. Science and technology being victims to rationality are the biggest superstitions that modern man has created. 

Discover how to live the Divine mind through the science of delimitation in Dr. Pillai’s Mystery School 2022, starting July 12th. 



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