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pcblog post 6-29-2015 - venus in leo

Only a few planets can withstand the Sun’s energy, namely Jupiter, Mars and the Moon. Every other planet can get a bit scalded and bent out of shape when standing in the way of the Sun, ruler of Leo.

For these reasons, when a gentle planet like Venus enters Leo on July 5 to remain until August 13, we need strong guidelines in our connections with others. And while arenas in the limelight—such as politics or entertainment—could benefit, in other personal or social areas we must get a hold of our ego or risk losing happiness.

So here are some easy tips to ensure that your share of good experiences will come to you via your partner or social life and to make the best of Venus in this royal sign.

1. Royalty consciousness

Venus in Leo is a queen or king in a classical sense—that is, while our modern royals feign populist taste, in reality they will don their most opulent outfits for important ceremonies.

Allow yourself the most beautiful clothes you can afford. This is an ancient technique to foster your self-esteem. When you respect yourself and feel good in your skin also others will treat you differently.

2. Mirror who is the fairest of them all?

Venus in Leo could make you proud. You’ll want to be the most beautiful person in a group. However, attention cannot be demanded and fairness and humility will be more effective in the long run than extravagant attitudes.

Trust your inborn divinity to bestow on you all the beauty and the attractiveness you deserve.

3. Climb the stage

Leo is the sign of acting and drama. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to take these activities into your personal life. You can now enjoy taking a drama class or being on stage if that is your profession. But remember that in personal matters others are royalty, too.

Share the stage with your loved ones.

pink lotus

4. Ask Lakshmi

Venus is associated with all Goddesses and in particular Lakshmi. Rituals to this Goddess of wealth will bring you the happiness you are seeking and eliminate any negative effects from this transit. You can also recite her sound waves—OM SHREEM LAKSHMI NAMAHA—108 times on Fridays. You can also invoke Venus with these sounds—OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA.

5. Happiness through fire

The most potent rituals for pacifying a planet and removing obstacles to your happiness are, according to the Siddhas (or ancient spiritual scientists), fire rituals. In fact Fire Labs to Venus and Lakshmi can help you improve your finances, choose better investments and even get you a new car.

6. Golden jewels

 Investing in rubies or gold could now benefit you. Venus signifies luxury and jewelry and the Sun rules red gems and the most noble of metals. Take the hint from this transit to choose a profitable way of earning through these acquisitions.

Enjoy the energies!

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