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Dr. Pillai: “Can everyone become enlightened? Enlightenment is a complex topic. You have to define what enlightenment is. The word itself is an English word, but has a deep understanding, to say the least about enlightenment. 

The word literally means being enlightened. It has something to do with getting more light. The bottom line understanding is, you will get more light; more light means more understanding, more knowledge, that is the opposite of darkness, in darkness, there is no knowledge. 

When you bring in light, there is knowledge 

Enlightenment has to do with bringing more light. That is beautiful. But you have to understand what light is, just as Einstein wanted to know about the light, but in a limited way. But people who are spiritual and use the word enlightenment have no understanding, either in terms of spirituality or in terms of physics, what enlightenment is. The Buddha thought that enlightenment was a matter of Nirvana which could be the transcendence of the mind, ego, maya, etc. 

You have systematic teachings within the Buddhist tradition of how to transform maya, karma – the Buddha believed in Karma – and also, God, the Buddha who did not believe in God, nor even in the soul. Anatman is what he believed, which means there is no Atma which is soul. People do not even have the basics of spirituality or enlightenment. 

For Swami Ramalingam, enlightenment is turning the body into light 

Then you just become light and you have accomplished everything. To me personally, that seems to be a complete understanding, even relatively, of what being enlightened is. 

You have to really ask this question: What are you looking for? What is your definition of enlightenment? That will help you a lot. Most people do not even have the slightest idea of any spiritual practice. That is where the problem is.

Enlightenment is supreme intelligence

It is not just a cognitive behavior, but enlightenment of the particles that go to compose everything inside and outside the body. Enlightenment is a matter of transcending your mind to go to your soul consciousness for which no education is needed. Only one thing is needed – that is de-manifestation of mind, ego, Maya, karma, memories, and all.

We are in the age of quantum physics, quantum reality, quantum biology, quantum chemistry, and what that will give us is omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence.

Once you have that enlightenment, what is going to happen? Siddhi Powers come next. There is a misunderstanding that siddhi powers which are powers to create miracles is magic, manipulating Maya, illusion, just for self-aggrandizement or to show off yourself and others what you can do.

Ramalingam said enlightenment is not the end. For instance, the Buddha would say nirvana, which is getting into a state of no thought, no identity with the ego, Maya, karma, nothing. When you go to that process, beyond everything, where you have the emptiness of nothingness, nothing else exists except nothingness, and you are finished. There is nothing that can be done after that.

From his perspective and the perspective of others as well some of them, this is the ideal position. But Ramalingam would say becoming empty is not the ultimate goal.

Enlightenment is a matter of recognition of who you are 

That is what is going to be available to people who have suffered a lot and who have worked towards enlightenment and getting siddhi powers. This is going to be the Golden Age. How many people are going to make it? Very few. I want you to be only on this list. That is the greatest gift that I am going to give you.”

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